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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote I attempted to make a Cactus and Succulent container garden but I was missing some important clips…. so we will do a Carnivorous plant Update 🙂 Instagram – Check out my Facebook page –!/PlantznThings?fref=ts PlantzNThings What’s Growing Page Link – Check out my Blog @ Follow Me on Twitter @PlantzNThings – Video editing Software used for this video is iMovie Intro created using Video Rating: / 5


  • Willie Birene 2 years ago


  • Todd's Tropicals 2 years ago

    Very cool nepenthes! I have one a ventricosa also. With succulents & cacti I learned the hard way several years back wet + cold = rot and I lost some expesive cacti, but I'm happy with what remains and might not be a bad thing as my partner always asked me why every new plant I get has to have swords sticking out of it.
    Great update Bill, thanks for sharing & happy growing too!

  • Orchids Channel 2 years ago


  • tom c 2 years ago

    Nice, that Nepenthes is a x Miranda which is N. (maxima × N. northiana) × N. maxima. That succulent container is neat, i might have to set one up.

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