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How to Grow Potatoes

Added by 4 years ago

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See what you can learn on the go with the new Howcast App for iPhone and iPad: Watch more Vegetable Gardening videos: http://www.howcas... Video Rating: 4 / 5

How to Grow Potatoes in a Bucket

Added by 4 years ago

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A fun way to learn about growing potatoes in a bucket! Video by Topic Simple ( Music by David Newberry (http://www.davidnewberry.c... Video Rating: 4 / 5

Off-Grid Self-Watering Container Gardening System: Growing Organic

Added by 5 years ago

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I show how to grow organically using my Off-Grid Self-Watering Container gardening system. I prefer growing organically. It is just as easy as using chemical... Video Rating: 4 / 5

Container Gardening for Beginners

Added by 5 years ago

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A quick how-to video on Container Gardening for Beginners. Today, Sharla shows you how to put together a successful container using featured products and professional-grade materials. More a...

Growing Red Potato in a Container with Updates

Added by 5 years ago

1.63K Views29 Comments

This is a new method I'm trying for growing a potato. So far, so good! The time-frame is about 2 months from store purchase to the current growth. Follow me ... Video Rating: 4 / 5 ...

Harvesting Potatoes Grown in Plastic Bags

Added by 5 years ago

1.60K Views22 Comments is my official gardening website. Harvesting Potatoes Grown in Plastic Bags: July 15th - As part of my challenge ... Video Rating: 5 / 5 ...

Planting a Spring Garden : Planting Spring Gardens: Potatoes

Added by 4 years ago

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When planting potatoes for a spring garden, start before the heat of the summer. Start growing potatoes with the tips in this free video on gardening and far... Video Rating: 4 / 5 ...

Container Gardening – growing potatoes

Added by 5 years ago

1.59K Views24 Comments

Growing Potatoes in a container garden is easy. This potato garden is filled with Idaho potato buds that were originally store bought from the supermarket, but sat around too long and sprout...

Allotment Diary : How to plant potatoes : Planting / Growing Potatoes on the Allotment

Added by 4 years ago

1.59K Views11 Comments Just a quick demonstration of how I go about planting my potatoes on the allotment. How to plant grow potatoes.

My Winter Container Gardening Ended In December

Added by 4 years ago

1.55K Views5 Comments

My fire escape container garden did not make it through the first big snowfall of the 2009 winter season. For more information, please visit www.UrbanOrganic... Video Rating: 5 / 5 ...

My Growing Potatoes In Grow Bags

Added by 4 years ago

1.51K Views22 Comments

This short video shows the latest update for my potatoes in grow bags that I had planted earlier. They are really doing well, and I hope to have lots of pota... Video Rating: 0 / 5 ...

Purple potatoes part 2

Added by 4 years ago

1.39K Views4 Comments

In this video I tried to put together a quick and healthy meal from my garden using the potatoes that I had grown. This is part 2, the first part is just foo... Video Rating: 5 / 5 ...

Growing New Potatoes From Store Bought Potatoes

Added by 4 years ago

1.34K Views19 Comments

This video shows three easy steps to growing new potatoes from your store bought potatoes, in your home garden or container. It also touches on the condition... ...

Container Gardening Tomatoes

Added by 5 years ago

1.33K Views13 Comments Container Gardening Tomatoes from Agricultural Horticulturist Marty Ware provides some insightful ideas and tips on how to grow healthy tomatoes in a container Video Rating: 5 / 5 ...

Container Gardening – growing onions

Added by 5 years ago

1.32K Views16 Comments

This video shows one version of a container garden which I am using to grow some onions. The container garden, or garden-in-a-bucket, is a simple method to grow plants and vegetables when wi...

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