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Aphids their Lives and Habits

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1.67K Views0 Comments Container Gardening Magazine presents Aphids on Container Gardening - container gardening web site. Video Rating: 0 / 5

Adding treatments

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With the click of a button, EMT's can add treatments. Video Rating: 0 / 5

Re_Orient Intensive Frequently Asked Questions

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Kevin and Michelle Weaver provide answers to a few frequently asked questions about the Re_Orient Intensive. Video Rating: 0 / 5

Organic Gardening For Beginners – Successful Steps To Organic Gardening

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1.92K Views0 Comments Growing a great garden is not always easy. Going totally organic can add to the challenge. But just follow a few simple s... ...

Organic pest control – Natural bug and insect repellents

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5.58K Views26 Comments Organic pest control - Natural bug and insect repellents When it comes to insects in your garden, it's a bug eat bug world, so don't panic. Some bugs are good for plants. But...

Organic Gardening – Pest Control

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How to Raise Organic Vegetables : Organic Garden Pest Control Tips

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Find out organic methods for controlling garden pests such as aphids, mites, worms, snails, slugs and more, in this free gardening video lesson. Expert: Gale Gassiot Bio: Gale Gassiot makes ...

Preventative Garden Pest Control | Farm Raised Classics With P. Allen Smith

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Like this Farm Raised episode? Thumbs up above and Subscribe: There's more Farm Raised where this came from: Want to see more Farm Raised Classics? Stop insects from des...

Control Garden Pests The Natural Way

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Horticultural Specialist Mitch Baker shares his powerfully effective natural methods for controlling common garden pests.To View How-To Videos on Almost Any Subject Visit: ...

Organic Pest Control | Organic Slug Control | Killarney Garden Centre

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2.35K Views3 Comments - Organic Pest control. Join Tommy B of Killarney Garden Centre as he shows you organic slug control with Beer! Organic pest control is becoming a very popular ...

How To Identify And Control Garden Pests On Squash And Beans

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Learn how to identify garden pests like squash bugs, spotted cucumber beetle, flea beetle and grasshoppers that bother squash and beans. From the Southwest Yard & Garden series. ...

Dealing with Common Garden Pests: Cabbage worms and Potato bugs

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It seems many gardeners on YouTube haven't discovered BT (yet) to combat cabbage worms. So, I thought I'd do a video on this product. You are basically infecting the little catepillars with ...

Using Neem Oil To Protect against Garden Pests

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Neem oil is a safe and organic way to control spider mites, aphids, whiteflies, rust, powdery mildew and black spot on your garden plants

Organic Garden Pest Control

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Expert gardener Tim MacWelch shares some eco-friendly advice for dealing with pests in your garden.To View How-To Videos on Almost Any Subject Visit:

Maintaining a Garden : How to Control Major Garden Pests

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Controlling major garden pests, such as horned worms and beetles, requires using some type of spray, whether it be an organic oil-type spray or an inorganic chemical spray. Choose the right ...