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5 Tips for a Successful Square Foot Garden

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Master Gardener Lisa McMahon shares her 5 top tips to get started with Square Foot Gardening.

Building a Square Foot Garden

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Shawn Banks from the Johnston County Center of the NC Cooperative Extension Service is with Phil Rocheleau showing how to build a square foot garden. This can be used to grow vegetables in v...

Donna’s Square Foot Garden Part 5

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Taking a closer look at a variety of vegetable plants currently growing in the garden, about 7 weeks after the initial planting. Harvesting lettuce, peas, green beans, and broccoli. Video R...

Frequently Asked Square Foot Gardening Questions

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Mel Bartholomew answers the most frequently asked question about Square Foot Gardening. With Patti Moreno the Garden Girl.

Garden Update #2 – Square Foot Gardening Raised Bed Vegetable Raw Food Garden Harvest

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A quick fly thru of the garden to document plant growth. Harvest of sugar snap and snow peas, shunkyo chinese radish and plump sized turnips. Birds have been eating the dino kale seeds, I'll...

Homemade Square Foot Garden Irrigation

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Raised beds, containers and Square Foot Gardens all need lots of water. Here's a simple irrigation system that you can put together for around . (US dollars) Tip: You can make it any size.

How to make a 4x 4 Square Foot Garden Box

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In this Instructional Video, Jimmy Whittaker describes step-by-step , how to construct a 4 x 4 Square Foot Garden box suitable for growing herbs ,flowers, cacti,succulents, flowers, roses ,v...

How To Make A Square Foot Garden

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For all of my daily "prepisodes" visit my blog at Because of my move, I'm not getting near the jump I wanted to on getting my garden in, but better late than never right? (s...

How to Make Square Foot Gardening Soil Mix – in Real Time

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In this video we show you in real time how we make our Square Foot Gardening Soil and use it to fill a 4x2 raised bed. We use Mel Bartholomew's All New Square Foot Gardening book's instructi...

How to Plant Your Square Foot Garden

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1.73K Views1 Comments http How to plant your Square Foot Garden based on the "thin to" spacing on the seed packet. For instance, plant 16 carrots/ square because they are 3" spaced a...

How to Practice Square Foot Gardening

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Watch more Gardening Tips videos: Subscribe to Howcast's YouTube Channel - Use these tips when practicing square foot gardening. Howcast uploads the highest quality h...

Mel Bartholomew – Introducing Square Foot Gardening

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Square Foot Gardening (SFG) is a great way to convert that boring suburbia grass lawn into a sustainable produce isle. Don't have a lawn? That's cool- SFG can be done practically anywhere. M...

My Square Foot Garden Tour, August 24, 2012.mp4

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A tour of my Square Foot Garden, Southwest New Hampshire, August 24, 2012.

Our New Square Foot Garden Part 5 (for beginners)

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This video takes place over a 3 week period. We re-examine our previous plantings of watermelon and lavender, only to discover they are not doing well. We plant green beans, a bush variety, ...

Planting Pepper Plants the Square Foot Gardening Way

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John from shares with you how he is planting his pepper plants for the upcoming season. He uses a modified square foot gardening approach, so he can pack in the mos...