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  • Rainster 1 month ago


  • raja pasala 1 month ago


  • raja pasala 1 month ago

    1v1 tanqr

  • DrixppyLulzWasTaken 1 month ago

    Bro cactus sounds like dream

  • Badly 1 month ago

    You copy dreams intro!!! Thats not kind!

  • Fire Godzilla! 1 month ago

    Also what's your sensitivity, dpi and fov Cactus?

  • PLAY GANGSTA 1 month ago


  • xzblack florinel 1 month ago

    Hey cactus can we 1v1 im pretty good i had a 7 winning streak or 6

  • Aarib plays 1 month ago

    You sound like dream I love BTW

  • Sleekz 1 month ago


  • 0ptimistic 0peration 1 month ago

    The one that says “ atleast my head is not as big as that guys” is Bandites

  • Chameleon:D 1 month ago


  • LiesAreVeryUseful 1 month ago


  • Dead Blaze 1 month ago


  • BROKEN DA2 1 month ago

    Like dream saying

  • Vote For Competitive Mode 1 month ago

    btw the voice pack is bandite's

  • Joleen Ching 1 month ago

    Cactus can you add me I am good at arsenal to pls my user is aimbotcamping

  • FireCraft Yt 1 month ago


  • Theheadhunter21 1 month ago


  • Zachy__ Husband 1 month ago

    Imagine being hearted by cactus and him replying pog

    Edit: I misspelt:(

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