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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Click here to SUBSCRIBE: Business enquiries: Follow me here: Facebook: Twitter: Eating/feeding pudding with Charlie the Venus Flytrap 食虫植物ハエトリグサ 食蟲植物捕蠅草 Planta carnívora Venus atrapamoscas نبات لاحم فينوس صائدة الذباب Fleischfressende Pflanze Venus Fliegenfalle Smoke plants smokable plant weed cannabis Хищные растения Венера мухоловка Roślin mięsożernych Muchołówka amerykańska 노바의 muscipula 식충 식물 금성 파리통 Plante carnivore Dionée Etobur bitki Venüs flytrap Vleesetende plant Cây Ăn Thịt Cây ăn thịt Venus cửa máy bay Pianta carnivora 捕蝇草口香糖 吹泡泡 捕蠅草吃口香糖 捕蠅草 補蠅草 Video Rating: / 5 How do you push back centuries of desertification? Through planting trees in the desert, of course! Learn how KKL-JNF helps trees survive in the desert. Find out more about ‘Green Sunday’, a JNF Australia initiative that encourages Jewish Australian youth to get involved in planting a green belt around Beer Sheva.


  • Александр Тимощенко 4 years ago

    бедное растение, пидрила американский

  • MaoKoo18 4 years ago

    Is he swallow that food?

  • Enkhmaa Magsarjav 4 years ago


  • BellGirlSwag 4 years ago

    I never had flan before.

  • Руслан Ватраль 4 years ago


  • Weird Kid 4 years ago

    Charlie's tiny

  • 연제선 4 years ago


  • Atli Guðjónsson 4 years ago

    Something is telling me this is not the original Charlie……

  • Mark Dingus 4 years ago

    Having fun there charlie?

  • LJ Garcia 4 years ago

    is Charle still alive

  • Briar Hall 4 years ago

    this is y they endangered

  • Sergeant Flipper 4 years ago

    Dawwww, it's got its own lil cup IZSOCUTE

  • 【SOULBOUND】 4 years ago

    xD You murdered Charlie.

  • Gamming Bros 4 years ago

    do u eat in every fucking vid u make

  • Bayonettamachinekill 4 years ago

    I think charlie is wondering who is the idiot giving him this large foods and making weird sounds.

  • miguel Velazquez 4 years ago

    that's nice you treat plants like humans to that means you have a big heart

  • plasma blast 4 years ago

    that tast good charley?

  • Justin brown 4 years ago

    Omg that's so cute

  • Svein Arne Grønnevik 4 years ago

    Great job with this Permaculture type design and replanting!

  • bab el mandeb 4 years ago

    the computer is taking not a wowen she saunds like that false video any ways fuck israel

  • Negre Andrei 4 years ago


  • Diego Visconti 4 years ago

    Everything is possible with with the endless conveyor belt of cash going from the United States and planting on land stolen from other people.

  • TheAngryPigeon1 4 years ago

    Love it

  • jwka2001 4 years ago

    most jews are real jews. they are Khazar jews

  • Charles Isu 4 years ago

    I watched a presentation where few of these techniques were experimented during FDR administration in USA. I wonder why we never did much with this knowledge? Imagine if we had continued to do this in the south west, what would it look like now? The entire middle east was once lush, according to scientists. We can return the earth to that time, I think. Thank you Israel for making this a national product, I pray for your success.

  • Václav Čermák 4 years ago

    Swales and less grazing = more greenery.

  • rawstarmusic 4 years ago

    Handling water and plants in the desert is really something valuable. Hope large areas of the Negev can be planted, that would be awesome making fertile land in that waste land

  • thebluedragon07 4 years ago

    If you can get rid of the deserts and fill it with lush green forests, imagine the amount of farmlands that could be made possible in doing so.

  • Mohammed Zaheeruddin 4 years ago


  • Cathy 77 4 years ago

    God Bless Israel …..

  • Maurice Upton 4 years ago

    I like these #soil #conservation and #water collection methods and the Israeli work ethic, however where does the money and the labour come from to do all the earth works, moving soil and planting is expensive and gives no direct returns and sorry to say #globalWarming is still only a theory, it is not a fact!!

  • Dave Stonehill 4 years ago

    Awesome technology! Great video.

  • Guy Fawkes 4 years ago

    This ladies voice is really annoying, and why does she say kkljnf 50 times throughout the movie?

  • ανα βαινειν 4 years ago

    We need to plant mammoth trees in CA!!! KKLJNF  California needs your help!!

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