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  • Karl Ruehs 1 year ago

    My favorite is the front yard toilet used as a planter for a bunch of little panzies!

  • beverly a 1 year ago

    When you use bricks for an edging you should know you will be constantly pulling up the bricks from the dirt because they sink into the dirt. This is from experience

  • H Ali 1 year ago

    lovely . am buying my house soon hopefully my garden look like one of these after I done it

  • spennykcn 1 year ago

    this is pointless

  • One Channel 1 year ago

    Subscribe to me please and i will subscribe you back

  • lcf02139 1 year ago

    Very nice photos, but nothing that helps the viewer to create these ourselves. No listing of what plants or bushes used or explanations etc…

  • Elok Sri Widayati 1 year ago

    enjoy gardening

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