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  • Angel of Protection 4 months ago

    did he ever get out of there?

  • tim h 4 months ago

    Wow no updates

  • Vickie 4 months ago

    Call the Orilies auto have some chains delivered

  • D Reynolds 4 months ago

    Did it snow in the Mojave Desert also ?

  • Elaine James 4 months ago

    A winter wonderland. Very strange. Be careful.

  • Matthew Layne 4 months ago

    You have all wheel drive you should be able to get out of that good luck

  • Robert Ivers 4 months ago

    Can you say GEOENGINEERING

  • Robert Ivers 4 months ago


  • Robert Ivers 4 months ago

    Got a shovel?

  • Robert Ivers 4 months ago

    Looks like your STUCK!

  • Robert Ivers 4 months ago

    This is what artificial snow looks like

  • Robert Ivers 4 months ago

    GOENGINEERING By David Keith science projects through Harvard University.

  • Tara Graham 4 months ago

    Better you than UPSTATE NY. Sorry!

  • Bob Bailey 4 months ago

    Buggy heart your a wacko chem trails? where on earth do you come from. You really have lost it. Compressed air at high altitudes will produce a vapor trail of water look at your automobile exhaust in the winter morning co2 and water that’s it no chemical conspiracy you idiot.

  • Wow!! Stay safe and warm.

  • Mike Remvidas 4 months ago

    YUP !!!!! And The Weather Channel is saying '' CHEM TRAILS ARE MAKE BELIVE AND ONLY IN FAIRY TAILS ''' Come On Man !!! Give me a fucking minute to figure that one out ……………OMG what assholes would say such a thing ? Everybody and their mother knows CHEM TRAILS are the real deal! as you are seeing it now ! that's just insane

  • SuperDeut4 4 months ago

    Don't step on cactus!

  • Pyrene Dream 4 months ago

    Global Warming… Chemtrails… Both are distractions to observations.
    I want someone to tell me different.

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