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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Dale Chihuly is renowned for his ambitious architectural installations around the world. This is the second time his exhibit has been on display at the Desert Botanical Garden. As soon as night falls, the exhibit is transformed…as strategically placed lights accentuate details of the glass that can be minimized during the day. For more travel videos, visit: Video Rating: / 5 You’ve probably seen her on the trails and may have wondered what in the world she was up to…we caught up with GIS Specialist Veronica Nixon and tagged along to find out! Her project of measuring saguaros will assist the Horticulture Department in protecting the saguaros from jack rabbit herbivory. From the research perspective, this latest saguaro inventory will allow us to assess the growth rates of the Garden’s saguaros, which in turn will allow us to better estimate their ages. She found that the Garden has two saguaros that appear to be neck-and-neck. Saguaro 1987-0156-01-18 was our tallest saguaro last year. However, it measured in at almost the same height this year (29.2 feet) while saguaro 1966-8304-01-1, which is growing in a wash on the Sonoran Desert Nature Trail, measured 29 feet this year and grew about a third of a foot since last year. It appears that the reigning champion could well be unseated sometime this year. If you go to, you can actually plug these accession numbers into the Quick Search field to go view the two saguaros in the Garden. Pictures courtesy of Veronica Nixon and Dick Trelease. Correction 4/17/15: Veronica shared with us a correction. According to Veronica, GIS stands for geographic information system and GIScience stands for geographic information science. The difference is subtle, but has to do with GIS data and software being […]


  • Jane Giesbrecht 4 years ago

    Oh! I want some glass balloons.

  • Wander The Map 4 years ago

    Great video! We just visited last weekend–such a beautiful exhibit!

  • Mark Wiens 4 years ago

    Amazing sculptures Mike, nice video. I was just in Phoenix as well!

  • Travel For Wildlife 4 years ago

    Wow how cool!

  • Doug Michaels 4 years ago

    Nice video definitely makes me want to visit

  • featheredfan 4 years ago

    FYI – The category for this video is set to "Pets & Animals". Somehow that does not seem to be appropriate, haha! She is an ANIMAL though. Remember this, you should always check this setting, each time that you upload, (advanced settings tab) just because it will normally default to the same category as the last upload. Obviously, this only applies if you are switching categories, which is very possible in your case and of course, you can always edit and change this setting, for any video, at any time. Good Luck!

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