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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Child’s skull found, other human bones scattered. Still waiting for Sheriff’s Department because Border Patrol did not want to stop and secure scene. #OperationBackyardBrawl – Child’s Body Found. Adelaide Addie Mendonça – ALERT!!! Our team found a child’s body decapitated!!! We have boots on the ground!!! All help need!!! Stop criticizing and come see for yourself!!! Anybody that wants to volunteer here is the information. Volunteers can go straight to Camp Bravo. Money not accepted. Really. They have been flooded with hundreds of messages so it’s really hard to get to everyone’s text and email. They can also follow the page team alpha Pulasky for live updates He’s calling for as many boots on the ground as possible. Bravo Base – “Camp Conklin” – 550 E. 19th Street, Tucson, Arizona 85701 HELP!!! WE NEED PLYWOOD, LONG NAILS (3inch) AND OLD PALLETS!!! As monsoon season approaches, we are preparing camp. Last year a lot of damage was done with the rain and wind. As you can see on the pictures below we are building a “floor”. We are using old pallets and started with used floor that was donated, now we are using plywood, this way the rain will hopefully run under the plywood, through the pallets and not flood the areas inside the tents as much. Help is always needed and appreciated at Bravo Base-Camp Conklin. God Bless America! Video Rating: / 5


  • Lo K 1 year ago

    Pima County Sheriff's Dept is saying this is an adult skull. Kind of a small adult, if you ask me.

  • Hey trying to reach u Audrey Shipp in Amarillo wants to get in touch with u but don't how! She wants to meet u in Amarillo today heard u were there ok today! Look at comments in today videos ok ty Lewis

  • Suicide_King 1 year ago

    Spread info far and wide….transparency…if everyone knew undeniably, no possible spin. It would be the end of it.

  • LoveIsHope 1 year ago

    Would they be able to use dogs?

  • RobertMStahl 1 year ago

    What about WOOTEN!!!??? Todd Engel's account. We NEED ACCOUNTING.

    Also, are you guys giving inertia to the Rotor Blade of politics??? PILLotics.

    Waste waste waste agenda waste, then, EXACTLY 23:44 into this video, Jesus skull? Is this that sick? Computers STEAL TIME. Why 23:44, Barack Hussein?

    Watch MrCati.

  • nicholas morello 1 year ago

    On a lighter note I love how he is drinking whole foods water.

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