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  • Cjango Freeman 2 years ago

    India has found many ways to turn India into a shithole. Job well done India. Super power.

  • Martin 2 years ago

    We will build for China.

  • jaswant makwana 2 years ago

    Very smart.

  • mickey7411 2 years ago

    Yup this is what happens when we allow the United States be run into the ground by low IQ moronic Blacks .Turning our country into a shithole like Africa!

  • Islamic Info 2 years ago

    Long live china pak friendship

  • 93VIDEO 2 years ago

    Il faut planter des feuillus et non des résineux … La feuillus créent des nuages alors que les résineux, les pins créent de la sécheresse et envoie un ANTI-BIOTIQUE dans le sol, en effet, pas de ver de terre là où poussent des pins …

    Planter des feuillus crée des nuages et la pluie, çà modifie l'écosystème local, car un feuillu relâche beaucoup d'eau quand il le peux, et quelques molécules qui créent la pluie …. Planter des chênes dans les déserts pourrait faire pleuvoir … à bon entendeur …

  • Alisux 2 years ago

    i dont trust them

  • Roonasaur 2 years ago

    't'would be tres cool if this isn't just hype . . . (I honestly don't know, it would be awesome if they can really do this) . . . (I think this would be bigger news though if it were real . . . but then again, maybe not. Fake News and all that . . . y'know?)

  • huntlywestside 2 years ago

    Who looses water rights and constantly attend to the change?
    If there that good let them walk away for 3 months to see the full effect of wanting to make a change..
    Forcing a change in nature only causes another link to appear.

  • Vijay Upadhaya 2 years ago


  • William Chew 2 years ago

    Money well spend and to turn mother earth into a more liveable planet.

  • Sharon Johnson 2 years ago

    This is very good and not too expensive. Let’s hope they urgently sell this technology to many poor countries experiencing desertification.

  • Zeynep Akgöl 2 years ago


  • amatøør 2 years ago

    This makes me really happy

  • Lenny Online 2 years ago

    The massive project spanning thousands of square miles started in 1980 and will continue till 2050. They chose a variety of trees but the lirocice tree seem to thrive best in desert soil. There are a lot or reseeding as many tree varieties also died within a few years, except for the licorice tree.

  • Royal karki 2 years ago

    good job china

  • Himself Lee 2 years ago

    Thanks to John Liu.

  • Black Swan 2 years ago

    After turning cities into waste lands full of pollution?

  • michael jango 2 years ago

    First you learn to be a woman haw to take care her kids and husband this is your time to learn for your future be good housewife

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