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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] Pasting sand to create fertile soil? Chinese scientists have developed a method to achieve this legendary mission, which is expected to help fight desertification. Video Rating: / 5


  • joe biden 2 years ago

    sand makes glass so make a bunch of solar energy.

  • Tao TU 2 years ago

    I wonder how many haters are indian roaches

  • joebonsaipoland 2 years ago

    All you did was add plant matter to the sand. Same as when you add leaves and animal poop to soil. You just added organic matter to sand which is what plants need to grow. Nothing special here. But keep going China. The desert is MAO created when he deforested northern China… Like an idiot.

  • Pocki 2 years ago


  • Kenz300 x 2 years ago

    Seems like some countries in the middle east should learn from this. Can you imagine if everyone in the world planted a few trees. This might have an impact on Climate Change. More projects of this type should be encouraged. Maybe the UN should encourage other countries to follow this example.

  • hell dog 2 years ago

    I find it hard to beleive it's that easy. I've heard the chinese figured out a way to to grow rice in seawater, which Is impressive .

    But I heard deserts are deserts cos they have a lot of sun – too much hot dry sunny climates all the time, plus high saline water table – even if you can turn sand into fertile soil – you can't change the DRY HOT climate or a HUGE high water table like in the sahara desert.

    Tho this might be the first key to turning the sahara desert into a greenland if they can figure the other 2 factors out.

  • TLCBonaparte 2 years ago

    Ok… when you see something that's potentially great but dismiss it because it came from an ideology different from your own… you should question whether YOU have been brainwashed. A product should stand on its own merit, just like a person should stand on him/her own merit and not where he/she is from.

  • Peter Cao 2 years ago

    Better technology was already developed years ago by an Australian research team and already used in fields. The achievement has been commercialized by a company called Ausglue PTY LTD. Contact

  • Hyrule Radio 2 years ago

    Make America Green Again!

  • shizznit 2 years ago

    Very interesting. Anyone know the economics on this ? It's a nice experiment but can it actually make money ?

  • M4 Media 2 years ago

    Now turn a concrete jungle into a sandy shore.

  • Ali dz 2 years ago

    In Algeria biggest and hottest sahara desert for many centuries we grow crops and any vegetation faster and several times a year all year around without any additives BIO, we need just water and conventional fertilisers, look at this Aljazeera TV video shows how the Algerians Turns the sand in to green

  • FatherLand TV 2 years ago

    fuck china

  • Eagle Eye 2 years ago


  • AirIUnderwater 2 years ago

    Things you'll need on Mars. Or when humans turn the world a wasteland. Whichever.

  • The Dude 2 years ago

    Oh great so instead of having nature take its toll on humanity we will soon have 20 billion poor and hungry people causing trouble. 7 wasn't clearly enough huh?

    Hell yeah I'm fun at parties.

  • lolstfurofl 2 years ago

    Wow i just discovered this yet. Looks like the beginning of terraforming to me, something that could save our planet if you convert all the deserts to fertile soil land.

  • crazykoon 2 years ago

    can you make water out of urine?

  • James Henry Smith 2 years ago

    Probably fake. The melamine and lead paint from China was deadly.

  • Bill Collector 2 years ago

    Get this stuff to Africa asap.

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