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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Groasis anti desertification instruction film in Dubai to plant trees in deserts. Visit for more explanation in 5 languages. The Groasis Technology is a water saving anti desertification planting technology to reforest deserts. Trees are planted in such a way, that they can grow without the use of irrigation afterwards. In this instruction film Pieter Hoff shows you how you have to plant in order to reach this result. The video was taken in the Dubai desert and the trees grow well as you can see on the end. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Visita para m

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  • CCTV Dubai HQ 4 years ago

    interesting technology. But really heard to understand.?

  • Mr. Heineken 4 years ago

    The presentator is Dutch. Right??

  • NewMusicNetworks 4 years ago

    White people helping yet again. Controlled Media will never show this.?

  • Add organic matter – put all of your kitchen waste e.g. banana peel, egg shells, newspaper etc.. oh and most importantly your own urine aswel to activate the composting process :).

  • Azhar Mahmood 4 years ago

    Hi, I am living in KSA and want to have a greenery on my balcony without involving heavy finances. All I have sand around. I can make pots from the garbage and drums, any suggestion to convert sand into soil? 🙂

  • 09conrado 4 years ago

    Are the young trees not eaten by camels, or the water boxes destroyed by camels looking for water?

  • Groasis Waterboxx 4 years ago

    Dear Pleabargain Dubai has serious problems with sand storms. Sometimes we plant deep enough, but the sand storm takes away the sand. So some boxes seem to be planted too high, and other boxes are almost covered by it. I show these pictures in order to let the viewer know that despite the sand storms, the trees grow well in the box as you can see. kind regards Pieter Hoff

  • Dennis G Daniels 4 years ago

    10:15 and beyond, the G boxes don't look like they are probably set? Am I correct?