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  • saadna tkana 5 years ago

    ha4i mouritani l7adara bel l3ilm wel3ou lemae y7fa4hane nshala min mekarih
    idinye wmesayibhe amin?

  • Muhd Shafiq 5 years ago


  • blackxavior 5 years ago

    The statistic comes from the April 2008National Geographic article (The
    Sahel). You can read the article at National Geographic’s web page(it’s
    quite a ways into the article). The articles quotes (A recent UN study) as
    it’s source. I don’t know about the translation rates for Persian and Urdu.
    I don’t know about the translation of Arabic books to English either.

  • southernviking 5 years ago

    Merci pour cet int

  • urbicande35 5 years ago

    magnifique endroit. J’esp

  • Loto Robly 5 years ago

    this look like the moon a place where to forget softdrinks

  • blackxavior 5 years ago

    You know that only about 10,000 books have been translated to Arabic in the
    last 1000 years? That is as many books are traslated to Spanish in ONE

  • xxxTheMadShangixxx 5 years ago

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  • cravoecanella 5 years ago

    Thumbs up!

  • lebreice 5 years ago

    this is Chinguiti the ancient Capital of Mauritania and it has an ancient
    Mosque. There are many islamic scolars who graduated from there.

  • samowski728 5 years ago

    Mother and teacher have a secret life, i am here and refuse to listen to
    anymore so ur not going to hear anymore of me.

  • xxxTheMadShangixxx 5 years ago

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  • keytoothed 5 years ago

    All that desert was once the floor of the sea. You find all kinds of
    seashells in the middle of nowhere.

  • keytoothed 5 years ago

    That’s because no one gives a shit about Islamic religious propaganda. The
    good fiction and poetry does get translated.

  • saharafanak 5 years ago

    Chinguetti is nice, but personally I liked Ouadane better. Less tourists
    there too.

  • xxxTheMadShangixxx 5 years ago

    @TheLazyEvangelist How does following this guy wherever he comments tell
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  • keytoothed 5 years ago

    Yeah, they do, which gives you a real pain in the ass, thighs and back.

  • kemooloove 5 years ago

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  • Anglosexon 5 years ago

    What a place! I would love to visit this part of the world. Keep these
    clips coming!

  • MauritaniaXmen 5 years ago

    proud to be from this city wlah el yewg

  • ghostmanno12 5 years ago

    wow i should go to mauritania one day. mercy bau coup, magnifique

  • Trouweman9 5 years ago

    ffff muaritania hiya lmaghrib mauritania hiya changit

  • Med Salem 5 years ago

    nice video !! to visit this city see MauritaniaTours dot com

  • Farid295 5 years ago

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  • nazdamegaballa 5 years ago

    Could you share your source for the statistic? Is that for every language,
    including Persian and Urdu? Also do you know how many books have been
    translated from Arabic into other languages, particularaly English? Thank