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  • Maakt wel veel lawaai deze uitvoering…?

  • ApexAutomagazine 5 years ago

    Full Throttle filmpje van de CITRO

  • Lee C. 5 years ago

    I realize that it is too late, but hope may never die ^.^ keep doing you,
    and you = amazing!!?

  • KirbyKickFrans-Sports 5 years ago

    Etho deserves more likes and subs.?

  • Frederic B 5 years ago

    You only gave away 29 keys of pixel piracy, I wanna be the 30st!!?

  • Enderdragon475 5 years ago

    You inspired me to start a survival world…?

  • ImaYoutuber! 5 years ago

    Best Video EVER *!!*?

  • Nicholas DeVries 5 years ago

    blah blah blah!!?

  • Kyle M 5 years ago

    i love your vids !!?

  • i like how almost every time now etho has a problem with something (like
    this time with the derailing minecarts) i think of a solution myself and
    then only seconds later see him implementing it :)!!?

  • Jenn Yost 5 years ago

    I started watching Etho about a year ago, and started from the very
    beginning of his Lp’s because, well I’m crazy and when I become a fan I
    want to do it right. Now, I’m kind of sad I didn’t just jump in, because
    maybe I would’ve been chosen at random/: Etho is the best though, I think
    he’s quite the genius!! ?

  • Lynden Einboden 5 years ago


  • Arsenalminecraft2 5 years ago

    hi another great vid!!?

  • Brandon matthews 5 years ago

    Hey etho you should try to make a lava farm?

  • Senior Zombie Slayer 5 years ago

    Dude why do you want to make a cactus farm? Those stuff are useless?

  • Skate Kid03 5 years ago


  • NinjaBlox123 5 years ago

    I’m eating popcorn while watching this and it tastes like coffee.. Not that
    I don’t like coffee..?

  • William Midgley 5 years ago

    your pop-up sheep farm is inefficient yet fun?

  • adam newry 5 years ago

    2:30 hey look! etho is O.P ….. what else is new :P?

  • Dave Littler 5 years ago

    Lol you didn’t pick up the ender pearls?

  • Tyler McDorman 5 years ago

    every comment has !! !!?

  • Harrison Carr 5 years ago

    I love your videos Etho!!?

  • Aaron Hastie 5 years ago

    I wish this contest was still active!!?

  • Grant Jensen 5 years ago

    Am I a little late for pixel piracy!!?

  • 0purpleprincess0 5 years ago

    You are the best!!?

  • AKgreengirl 5 years ago

    Hearing Etho say get wrecked :D?

  • Brandon matthews 5 years ago