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  • Rosie Hefferon 5 years ago

    Whats the music in this advert??

  • paul Catlow 5 years ago

    Seems odd… the backing music extols the virtues of changing your state of
    perception by doing lots and lots of lovely LSD. Now let’s drive a car in
    this state. Yeah, right. If you don’t crash it or provoke a road accident
    because of all those dope-smoking caterpillars, self-animating chess
    pieces, red queens with axes, white rabbits popping up out of holes in the
    verge, et c, here comes Mr Policeman who discovers you to be intoxicated
    on Substances. Your trip now becomes a very bad one to the cells of the
    local nick. Yeah, right.?

  • jordan ward 5 years ago

    whats that song ??

  • Thomas Bowden 5 years ago

    here for song only?

  • El Zibubble 5 years ago

    where’s the original advert gone which said “The more you look, the more
    you ask, the more you find” all traces have been removed after I commented
    it was a subliminal psychedelic message, if it’s not obvious from the
    words, the psycadelic substance track of Jefferson Airplaine and if any one
    is in any doubt, CACTUS!! for God’s sake = mescaline. The message; you
    don’t need a citroen car to trip, just a psycadelic :-D?