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  • personkid21 6 years ago

    this rancher should talk to the original owners(aboriginals before 1870) of
    this land(before his family ‘acquired’ it). Clearly these children of the
    original(REAL) owners can settle this dispute, they may settle in his favor

  • Dale Carter 6 years ago

    The Chinese solar farm is proposed for Laughlin, NV, about 110 miles south
    of Vegas, and Bundy’s “claim” is about 80 miles NE of Vegas.

    The two are not related.

    Whether you support Mr Bundy or not, let’s keep the facts straight and stay
    on the target. Making false arguments just lets the opposition present you
    as a kook.?

  • jack lloyd 6 years ago

    The ENN Mojave energy deal failed last year. It is not the reason for the
    crackdown on this tax evader.?

  • bobbybrooner 6 years ago

    As presented through a liberal prism…?

  • Stinger4186 6 years ago

    harry reid-iculous is a candy ass liberal and a disgrace to America. Do
    America a favor, reid.. Go the fck away and rot somewhere?

  • mark jones 6 years ago

    When will they wise up and recall this POS Reid. How about a class action
    for ALL the other ranchers too.Just remember 2 things if nothing else, 1
    your government is there to help you and 2, you can keep your doctor. ANY

  • fewknew 6 years ago

    All the eugenicists in our world believe everything except humans are
    endangered. We’re under great threat of extermination from people like
    Harry Reid, that demon bastard?

  • Gildo Bacci 6 years ago

    Stand with this Man?

  • PATRIC MINDERHOUT 6 years ago

    Got media machine in spin cycle! Way off as usual, follow the REAL money
    the Chinese Harry Reed and son deal!?

  • Gildo Bacci 6 years ago


  • PATRIC MINDERHOUT 6 years ago

    Cliven Bundy Fights BLM Land Grab By Harry Reid &

  • Gildo Bacci 6 years ago
  • Michael P. Shipley 6 years ago

    Typical that CBS (Colluding Bastard Shitheads) dont talk about Reid and his
    deal with the Chinese communists.?

  • jpmorphhilson 6 years ago

    Hey, holder, Obama, Reid, kerry etc. FUCK YOU. YOU’RE ALL CUNTS. TREASONOUS

  • Chris Anslinger 6 years ago

    The whore media did not report on the Chinese /Harry Reid deal; the real
    reason for this raid. Shame on the government owned propaganda media.
    Lying turds!?

  • HonestJohn60 . 6 years ago

    BLM collects $1.27 million in shale fracking leases

    From Mike Adams, The Health Ranger:
    BLM fracking racket exposed! – Armed siege and cattle theft from Bundy
    ranch really about fracking leases
    Learn more:
    Learn more:

  • HonestJohn60 . 6 years ago

    Video Report & article from Adam Kokesh.
    Bundy Ranch Standoff Explained (it’s about the oil)
    Are you really that surprised to see that the government is sending over
    200 armed men to kick people off their land for oil in Nevada just like in
    the Middle East? Oh, YOU thought it was about the tortoises! HAHAHA!
    Video proof that BLM and CNN LIED about attack dogs at Bundy ranch in Nevada

  • selfownership1 6 years ago
  • Scott Torino 6 years ago

    I agree Mr. Lordy.?

  • Gildo Bacci 6 years ago
  • Gildo Bacci 6 years ago