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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote So far to travel, so much pain to endure, all this work just to find a cactus! Who knew? Also, world map might maybe be updated (it’s rendering): http://www….

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  • Keshav Gowreesunker 5 years ago

    9:18 lol?

  • Jeremy Nadeau 5 years ago

    “wow, thats a lot of creepers…and spiders!” BOOOOOM!! no coe, thats not a
    spider….spiders dont explode.

  • Delani Dalton 5 years ago

    I love the music you listen too!!

  • TheIronMiner 5 years ago

    Not really, Is the way of youtube.

  • Darke Exelbirth 5 years ago

    He has a pretty good sense of direction when it comes to finding his death

  • Mr Lucksman 5 years ago


  • AnorexicBoomer276 5 years ago

    most epic coe death yet

  • TheMintyfreshcreeper 5 years ago

    Typo in the titlle in the vid. There’s only one I in cacti

  • Josh Prytherch 5 years ago

    Coe …… errrr …. theres a creeper there :L

  • BlazingKitten23 5 years ago

    9:00-9:17 what the creepers were saying: Creeper(youngest): *walks through
    door* Hi Coe nice house. Coe: *hits with sword* No wait! *Creeper(youngest)
    explodes.* Coe: Phew…. Other 2 Creepers: Get him boss! Creeper(oldest):
    Creeper Assassin Mode! Coe: Wow a lot of creepers and spiders—ARRRGGG
    *Creeper(oldest) explodes in Coe’s face and kills him* Coe: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  • Nyrikkii 5 years ago

    You’re FACE! GODDAMNIT!!!

  • RhiannaConnolly 5 years ago

    is there a level of light that monsters can’t get through?

  • AtombombLP 5 years ago

    typo [cactii] in the title

  • wOlfLisK 5 years ago

    ‘Wow, a lot of creepers’ *creeper drops in front of Coe*

  • Herufaia 5 years ago

    That’s a nice underground basssssssssse you have there. BE A SHAME IS

  • Garnzoified 5 years ago

    The was cactus on the beach at CQHQ

  • TheDavidan13 5 years ago

    lol 9:10 creeper family

  • suker135 5 years ago

    and this, coe, is why we exit the house from the top

  • Dannyxv7 5 years ago

    9:13 FATALITY!

  • Ram Face Productions 5 years ago


  • pikapower22 5 years ago

    9:20 Kamikaze Creeper!

  • Wolfinsteen 5 years ago

    @metalim its greenland not iceland. iceland is actually all grass and
    greenland is all ice. i dont get it either so dont ask me why.

  • msbloodlove 5 years ago

    am i the only one who starts dancing to all the music that he puts in his

  • lukethamadmagic4312 5 years ago

    to find the closest cactus go to the pilif rail way coming into cqhq and
    just efor it turns in to station go straight ahead for quite awhile and you
    find a reasonably small desert

  • The997hextor 5 years ago

    @pineapplestudios0 clay is useless