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  • Sage Preaumx 1 year ago

    Here from Boise's Herbal Farmacy and Bee Sanctuary…
    That is so sad that in a CHURCH you were concerned about being lynched, especially for wearing a sports (is a game folks!) decal. When are we going stop accepting this type of violence as normal?
    If you need herb seeds and/or roots, I can help you out.
    I just grew a batch of Hatch chilies. They are fabulous. With a dozen plants I harvested 7.5 gallons of chilies ready to roast. Am very excited.
    Am starting grape vines to be ready in the spring if you're interested. They're purple Concords and oh so sweet!
    My raised beds are three pallets high and I stabilize the corners with rebar (pounded into the ground on the inside of each corner. The rebar sticks out of the ground enough that in the winter I can put a hoop top on to use as a green house.
    I hope you keep posting, I see that June was you last vlog?
    I learned in my pallet collecting days to be sure to get the same size pallets if at all possible. And the ones with solid (rather than cut out) sides are preferable. When building raised beds I reinforce the cut out sides with chicken wire and that was enough to hold in the dirt.en
    When one is "cheap" I would say you are more creative rather than cheap. I failed consumerism 101 but I live abundantly.
    Try raising your own worms. The worm castings is like black gold. I transplant all my seedlings with it and it works wonders.
    You have a large enough land space, convert areas into growing your own alfalfa, red clover, comfrey, dandelions, and oat straw. They are easy to grow and you can do so much with them — medicine, mulch, and making compost tea. I build a rim of dirt (only) around the beds and flood irrigate. Once the roots are established they are pretty well self sufficient. Oats are the only one that need replanting every year.

  • LittleFarmBigDreams 1 year ago

    I love when you do this type of video, just talking about gardening and answering questions. you are a wealth of knowledge and have so much to share with others!

  • Chris Hansen 1 year ago

    wish i was freezing in houston texas ! lol

  • KHALID Alazawy 1 year ago

    The business offered by us is beautiful and am following how many

  • Hans Quistorff 1 year ago

    On electric chainsaws: What works best for me is a corded chainsaw plugged int our emergency generator in a nursery wagon. Goes around the property with me , is much quieter and safer than a gas saw.

  • THREE THOUSAND Watt LIVING 1 year ago

    We been running heaters at night and fans during the day.and we are in Washington State.

  • THREE THOUSAND Watt LIVING 1 year ago

    This weather has been nuts

  • Alicia McNamar 1 year ago

    Julieanne I saw that you have a wheelbarrow with across bar handle… where did you get it I 've been looking for one for a long time?

  • Alicia McNamar 1 year ago

    you just need to make the move south (Tulsa) 93 here…

  • Erika Cronje 1 year ago

    Stacy has a lovely Lip Balm recipe that I use as we have winter now in South Africa. But our winters are so mild in comparison, we have snow about every 30 years where I am in Pretoria, the Capitol LOL

  • The Little Whitehouse 1 year ago

    We have had temperatures up to the 90's but not been up there since Memorial day weekend.

  • Jan Jones 1 year ago

    I got my comprehension from . Super nice people and been in business a long time. Sent extra

  • Frederick Nolan 1 year ago

    Well try upper 80's and rainy here in Miami every afternoon. Break the wind and add some sun it will be warmer. Try the root crops then the leafy ones later. You should get a dual plantimg in before the snows of Octember arrive.

  • Jim Johnson 1 year ago

    June-uary. GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM. Get your green houses set up for the next 25 years

  • Agusta Sister 1 year ago


  • Shaleena Bell 1 year ago

    If it works who cares what it looks like!

  • Shaleena Bell 1 year ago

    WONKY…..I love it!!

  • Nancy Moe 1 year ago

    What does the wool break down like? What else do you need to add to the wool to break it down?

  • Brian Farrell 1 year ago

    Look into Grand Solar Minimum to choose plants for an area.

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