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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Spring is happening here in the Sonoran Desert and there are plenty of plants–both medicinal and food plants that are ready to be collected. While exploring some local areas for future adventure potential, I kept a look out for a few medicinal plants I wanted to collect–jojoba, brittlebush, and mormon tea. Special Reminder: Some plants are edible, some can be used for medicinal use, and some just kill you dead. Learning to PROPERLY identify plants and understand their uses is essential to not being dead. I have several books that I reference as I study and learn about plants in my area. There are also a number of sources online that can help (along with plenty that are ridiculous–so be careful). My favorite book on medicinal plants for this region that I’ve found is Charles W. Kane’s “Medicninal Plants of the American Southwest.” It’s the most detailed and comprehensive book on the subject I’ve found. It won’t help you with identification so much–you’ll need other references for that–but this book covers the medicinal use, collection methods, the chemistry, preparations methods, dosage–all that good stuff. Video Rating: / 5


  • Ruck66 3 months ago

    Try Jojoba for hair shampoo.

  • CK Knife and Tool 3 months ago

    Look out Sketchers… AdventureRyan Yuca sandals coming to stores near you!

  • Joaquin -Jack Nava 3 months ago

    Good stuff. How does the Mormon tea taste like. Is it bitter?

  • Emanuel B 3 months ago

    Good stuff, AR!

  • FlyingAxblade 3 months ago

    well done tree & a pony!

  • Brianna Holton 3 months ago

    How cool! I’ve been wanting to forage jojoba out here and use it for my soap making, maybe crushing the nut shell and using it as an exfoliant. Now I need to try Mormon tea too. Thanks for the video, excited to watch more!

  • JC Knives 3 months ago

    Good video! Thanks.

    Maybe a few still photos close up. Maybe more specific on what they do… if it is a antihistamine or decongestant or topical pain relief. Also how to prepare it. Hey, that might be the next video.

    Where ever I am I enjoy searching, finding, collecting and using natural plants.

    Another good video is what to watch out for… whether poison or irritation or…

    Thanks for taking us along!!! Great trip!

    I love the wilderness where ever I am. My favorite book or Outdoor Survival Skills (Larry Dean Olson).

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