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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote **I do not mention the name of the nursery/business featured in my come with me series unless it’s a sponsored or partnered video. I hope you understand that I go out of my way to film & edit my content on my channels and choose to not market the business unless I’m compensated. From previous experience and moving forward this is how I will handle my series. Please enjoy the content and what I share in my series. I have no problems sharing with you what I seen and the prices if available, so you have something to compare when you are plant shopping and plant inspo for plants you may not be aware of that’s out there in the plant world.** Aloha everyone, Back in Arizona with my Grandma! It’s my Grandma’s first time in AZ and it was so much fun to venture out in the city with her! What did you think about this nursery? Prices, variety, condition of the plants? Subscribe to my channel and let’s talk plants! I will be back in Arizona this Friday and can’t wait to film more content with my Grandma! Ebi is also staying with her in Arizona! Can’t wait to see them both! Aloha, Jewelyn IG: @plantingwithjewelyn Business email: If you would like your business featured on my channel please reach out to me! http://www.twitter/com/ilovejewelyn (vlog channel) shop my closets!!! my online closets: Mercari: jewel_of_hawaii Poshmark: jewel_of_hawaii Etsy: jewelofhawaii eBay: 808bellydancer808 Video Rating: / 5


  • Nikki S 1 year ago

    Hi Grandma, you look fabulous!

  • Emily Kiesling 1 year ago

    I lived in Gilbert Arizona for years this must be a recently built nursery I don’t seem to know about it , of coarse I left in 2007, a very nice nursery! Thanks for sharing I enjoyed watching

  • Patricia Lisowski 1 year ago

    Grandma adds a lot to your videos…and I would like to have the shirt she’s wearing! Lastly, I do appreciate the things you do to make videos for us. (Back here where its getting cold)!

  • Weezy Breezy 1 year ago

    OOOOOH! You & Grandma have the same taste in pots. YES, I have seen her orchids! AMAZING! I have 3 that I am hoping will bloom again one day. Love to you both & this is my last comment. 😀

  • Weezy Breezy 1 year ago

    Holy Cow on that rubber tree!!! That is amazing! I hope mine will be like that one day too. The "hula hula" plant. 😀 I can't seem to keep those happy. It's getting cold here so fingers crossed all of my plants will make it through the winter. This is always a true test of time. I bring them inside & do my best. 😀 <3

  • Weezy Breezy 1 year ago

    Hi Jewelyn & Janet! I love these nursery video's, so much fun! This nursery is so colorful & has a huge selection. The prices seem super reasonable? Although, why are the pothos so expensive? Those are easy to grow & propigate. Kind of a rip off. Anyway – everything else seemed at a good price.

  • Sandy Patrice 1 year ago

    I love the relationship you and your grandma have! Nice nursery as well. I also read the description box and I totally don't blame you for not mentioning the nursery name unless you are compensated. Get your coins sis!

  • Savy Francis 1 year ago

    Thank for all the beautiful plants you make me wanna to move to Arizona.

  • jessi jones 1 year ago

    I want to see grandma orchids sum time I love her she has a sweet soul

  • Kathy Gilbreath 1 year ago

    Your grandma is so cute. Always enjoy seeing her. Thanks for sharing that nursery you were at. Beautiful plants.

  • Janie Harvey 1 year ago

    Fantastic nursery-love it! Thanks for taking us along!

  • Leeloo Carson 1 year ago

    Hi Grandma!!!! Thanks for taking us with you guys ☺

  • lisett_WonderWoman 1 year ago

    What a Beautiful nursery!! Love how they decorated. Stunning! And I would have bought that huge Kalanchoe for $10 in a heart beat if I were there!! hehe

  • Jan Alexander 1 year ago

    Great Come With Me! Fun fun fun

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