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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Aloha everyone! Here’s another Come with me Arizona edition! I’ll be heading back to Arizona this Saturday and will be filming more content. I plan on visiting 2 more nurseries over the weekend. It’s been interesting checking out different plant nurseries/shops in a different state. Hope you enjoy the content. I really enjoyed seeing this plant shop in Arizona! This retail space was really expensive from what I am use to and I walked out with nothing, but it’s always refreshing to adventure in different plant communities and share it on my series. The plant inventory was pretty big for a boutique plant shop, but I didn’t come across anything I was looking for or on my wish list (Coming from a plant collector of 200+ plants). Many of my plants I have in my collection were priced for over in this space. So, sorry… no plant haul 🙁 What do you think about this plant shop? Are prices and inventory comparable to your city? Subscribe to my channel and let’s talk plants. Aloha, Jewelyn Business email: If you would like your business featured on my channel please reach out to me! http://www.twitter/com/ilovejewelyn (vlog channel) shop my closets!!! my online closets: Mercari: jewel_of_hawaii Poshmark: jewel_of_hawaii Etsy: jewelofhawaii eBay: 808bellydancer808 **I do not mention the name of the nursery/business featured in my come with me series unless it’s a sponsored or partnered video. I hope you understand that I go out of my way to film & edit my content on my channels and choose to not market the business unless I’m compensated. From previous experience and moving forward this is how I will handle my series. Please enjoy the content and what I share in my series. I […]


  • Nhu Le 2 years ago

    When you are back in Phoenix, you should visit Berridge nursery on Camelback Road. Plant pricing is quite expensive here in privately owned nurseries, I think Berridge is the more reasonable one and its a big place with a nice greenhouse

  • Kathy Brintlinger 2 years ago

    I love all your plant shopping videos! I live way up in the upper peninsula of Michigan and we only have tiny florist shops or Lowes for houseplant shopping. I have to order most of my plants online.

  • Michael C. 2 years ago

    If you go to the Tucson area, visit Green Things! One of my favorite nurseries in Arizona!

  • Sharon Buening 2 years ago

    That was a cool place, love your shop with me videos!

  • Jacqueline Larios 2 years ago

    What a BEAUTIFUL plant shop!!!

  • Kimberlee Haggard 2 years ago

    I went to this shop with my bff on Saturday!! Beautiful store!

  • Nuri Blaque 2 years ago

    Nice come with video. I'll go broke in those places. I want most of what you show. The Catus Planters were nice.

  • Cheryl Breedlove 2 years ago

    Hard to pick a favorite as there were so many I liked. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nice!

  • Peggy Lee 2 years ago

    Nice plants – looks pretty $$$.

  • Barb Mcfarlane 2 years ago

    Very organized plant shop but definitely priced rather high.

  • MattChe Barela 2 years ago

    Jewelyn I thought if it's no price tags that means free lol.

  • Patty Marshall 2 years ago

    Love "the come with me " videos. The shop was great and there were a couple plants I would have loved to get. I really love your hair, please keep it that way. Love all your videos!

  • Bebee 2 years ago

    That's such a cool nursery. I love how they had the small hoyas for sale.

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