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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote The Community Garden at Desert Botanical Garden strives to be a leader in promoting community gardening in the Phoenix area by designing and implementing a community garden with staff and volunteer involvement. The community garden will serve as a model that demonstrates vegetable gardening best practices in the desert environment, promotes educational opportunities, enhances and further develops a sense of community within the Garden. We will share the results with extended communities beyond the Garden. The Community Garden, about ¼ of an acre in size, is located adjacent to the pumpkin patch area used for the fall Great Pumpkin Festival. View other Full Episodes and Clips from Su Vida here: Download the Cox7 iOS App here: Download the Cox7 Android App from Google play here: View live programming when available here: Video Rating: / 5 MANY THINGS TO DO AND SEE AT THE DESERT BOTANIC GARDEN’S AND THE SECOND TUESDAY OF EVERY MONTH IS FREE THANKS FOR WATCHING AND IF YOU ARE NOT A SUBSCRIBER ALREADY PLEASE SUBSCRIBE IT IS 100 PERCENT FREE TO SUBSCRIBE THANKS AGAIN From ARIZONA TOURIST 🏜😎👍👋 Video Rating: / 5


  • in countryside slow life 8 months ago

    beautiful sun flower
    thank you
    it is late fall in japan.
    there are a lot of beautiful flowers here in japan,too

  • Santos Chronicles 8 months ago

    Hey this is a continuation of your other video I watched. I love Botanical Gardens. We need more bees. Just not during picnics. They do look like Sun Flowers. My wife would know what type that is. Have a great weekend.

  • Bart Kolodziejczak 8 months ago

    Nice video Mark! I am amazed that you did not get stung!!!

  • All Funnies and Games 8 months ago

    Fun video! Thanks for sharing!

  • Zen O 8 months ago

    so beautiful flowers

  • Super Simple Sauppe 8 months ago

    beautiful sunflowers!

  • Nakia Nicole 8 months ago

    This is a beautiful garden

  • Cheryl Atkinson 8 months ago

    very good video the garden is pretty

  • Jovelyn Cordova 8 months ago

    wow viele Sonnenblumen.The butterflies and bees also amazing .

  • Pan Rybka 8 months ago

    Łapka w górę pozdrawiam

  • Star S 8 months ago

    wow,what a beautiful sunflower i saw,in this vedeo,tnx for sharing my dearest frnd,keep connected as alwys tnx.

  • acho oraha 8 months ago

    Very Nice Flower oasis in the desert

  • ElseWay H•L•T 8 months ago

    Good info. Those are probably black eyed Susan or could b mini sunflowers.

  • Mayliton Esporte Vídeo 8 months ago


  • The Shore Fisherman 8 months ago

    Awesome garden!

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