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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This is part 2 of the complete tour of my entire cactus, succulents and other desert plant collection. I will be covering more genus of cactus here and as well as show my small collection of aloes and haworthias. Here I will also show all my cacti that are planted in the ground at my 2 desert gardens. Link to part 1 Complete Plant Tour – Connect with me: Emaii – MY PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. By clicking and purchasing through my links, it won’t cost you anything more but it would surely help support my channel so I can continue making videos for free. Spider Farmer SF1000 grow light – CXhome 600W grow light – CXhome 75W grow light – Tongs for planting – Black Gold Cactus Soil – Suggested Tomato Fertilizers (for cactus flowering) – Credits Music: Tambourin (Francois-Joseph Gossec) Flute: Lawrence Angel Piano: Gladys Torrado #cactuscaffeine #cactus #succulents Video Rating: / 5


  • jimbobimboslice 3 months ago

    WOW—what a beautiful collection! I can’t wait to obtain that many. Wonderful tour. I loved your rainbow hedgehogs; I planted some seeds a few weeks ago and 4 have germinated!

  • 10TOES 3 months ago

    How do you keep track of the watering you have so many plants!

  • 10TOES 3 months ago

    If I send you photo of a cactus I have, could you maybe tell me what the name is? My local Greenhouse could not help me. I’ve watched several videos & never seen any, even not on your collection.

  • Dina Staggs 3 months ago

    Do you have any recommendations for indoor cacti for beginners?

  • Dina S 3 months ago

    I love your channel <3

  • PLANTsanity by Marky Dee 3 months ago

    How awsome is that to produce your own seeds !

  • Jenny Gan 3 months ago

    So beautiful..amazing

  • Jon Dowson 3 months ago

    Hi Anna,
    Recently discovered your channel during the Coronavirus lockdown, it's given me quite a lot of inspiration. I live in the south of England and we're also having a bit of a drought/heatwave at the same time- sunniest May on record! So my collection has been outside for the past 3 months and doing really well from it, many previously dull specimens (Gymnocalycium, Astrophytum) have now developed more vivid hues, and flower buds are appearing on many more of my plants.
    I forget which plant of yours you mentioned had flowered but produced no seeds- perhaps in Las Vegas away from its indigenous environment it lacks a necessary pollinator. Perhaps you could do the work of an insect with a paint brush and dab some pollen around? (I've had to do something similar in the past with squash plants to get the fruit to set)
    How did you get the name for your channel- are cactus and coffee 2 of your favourite things?
    Keep up the good work,

  • Michael K. 3 months ago

    Hi Ana. Just ran across your videos. I love your collection and have learned so much just from the few I've seen so far. I live in Las Vegas as well and have started a small cacstus/succulent collection on my apartment balcony. Your collection is very impressive and also inspiring to see. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your amazing collection with us. I have subscribed now to your channel and look forward to watching all your videos! Keep up the great work and the passion to grow!

  • Rebecca Philips 3 months ago

    I think thise are a Family of cristata

  • World of Cacti 3 months ago

    Your plants are so beautiful. They all look so healthy!

  • Joy Ebanit 3 months ago

    Problem solved when you go out to your house and see all of yuor babies.
    Eyes relaxing plants.

  • Sierra Cordillera Ablan 3 months ago

    hello maam meron din sana ng ibat ibang aloe dto s pinas

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