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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Ryan Perkl, assistant professor in the School of Landscape Architecture and Planning, University of Arizona, discusses how geodesign was used to help the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AGFD) to identify and evaluate a system of crucial habitat corridors among and between Arizona’s natural areas. Despite its dry desert landscapes, Utah is a land of endless surprises, and Glen Canyon is one of them, rivaling Arizona’s Grand Canyon for sheer majesty. From: AERIAL AMERICA: Utah Video Rating: / 5


  • Julie Yap 4 years ago

    One of our favorite destinations for travel!

  • Smithsonian Channel 4 years ago

    Top 14 videos of 2014: It's hard to believe this otherworldly landscape is right here in the US and not on another planet. Your #6 choice is this Utah flyover from Aerial America:

  • Smithsonian Channel 4 years ago

    The name sounds like something out of science fiction, but a hoodoo is actually a rock formation found in Utah. Take a look on #AerialAmerica.

  • Smithsonian Channel 4 years ago

    Despite its dry desert landscapes, Aerial America: Utah reveals a land of endless natural wonders:

  • Cassie Stokholm 4 years ago

    See now, Glen Canyon Recreation Area is great and all, but it isn't nature. Not to mention the amount if water being drawn from it is depleting the water source faster than was planned for to support places like Las Vegas almost 300 miles away. The Colorado River is like a band of gold stretching through the Rockies and was a large part of creating the canyons we currently have. The river doesn't always reach the ocean anymore due to places such as Lake Powell. Lake Powell is a man made "wonder" that will not be around for much longer. I much rather would have seen Glen Canyon before it was flooded…

  • Sherry Levoy 4 years ago

    Back in the 80s we took the two oldest boys and drove all the way around the Salt Lake and also visited the Golden Spike historic site, beautiful.

  • Irene Loring 4 years ago

    great stuff,what a wonderful planet.

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