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  • Muy buen video, felicidades, sigan adelante, reciban un saludo desde Zacatecas.?

  • BRENDA ALVAREZ 4 years ago

    Me encant

  • Juan C. Guzman-Aranda 4 years ago

    Felicidades Jaime e Ivonne, muy padre video!!!!?

  • strangetex 4 years ago

    Burgess Meredith??

  • Joan Fong 4 years ago

    What an exciting discovery to find my favourite video put on Facebook now!
    About 20 years ago, my husband and I taped this documentary off the TV and also its companions in this Trilogy. Of all the programs we taped, this is our favourite one. When life leads us to the brink of breakdown, hubby and i would sit and watch this tape over and over again. Until one day the tape warped, the sound turned wonky and the visuals were crooked and wavy. It became a crisis to find something that could substitute for it. And we found