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  • SogY :L 1 week ago

    Jack of cool we should make a vid together i play on cpe too, and i also have a youtube channel.
    (im Johnny13oy)

  • Dragonflight55 1 week ago

    Very nice! The hard work shows m8

  • Baahcuse Gamer 1 week ago

    Nice place! Made with a lot of love!

  • Makaveli BA 1 week ago

    Pretty epic base nice video

  • Micah Estelle 1 week ago

    We me break fats

  • Laundry Sauce 1 week ago

    Wowza very nice. And you use Xrecorder? Huh. It shouldn't have a watermark lmao.

  • Eraxd GH. 1 week ago

    Thank you Jack, very cool

  • Андриевский 1 week ago

    Download Mobizen, and record without watermark 🙂

  • Smidge 1 week ago

    Nice base bro

  • JackOfCool 1 week ago

    ignore the massive watermark in the corner

  • JackOfCool 1 week ago


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