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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Hi every one today i am show you how to Cooked dessert Dragon fruit in my homeland. please subscribe my channel for more view thank you all friend always support my video. More videos: 1. Cooking Pomelo salad with pork in my village 2. Cooking traditional food in my village 3. Cooking Cassava with Coconut milk in my village 4. Cooking snack gourd with egg duck in my village 5. Cooking fried water spinach in my village —————————————————————————————————————————————————– This channel, Polin Lifestyle, is the best channel that will show you how to cooking food, Culture and natural life style in country side


  • Jamaah Klu 1 week ago

    Where this,,

  • Cleison Lima 1 week ago

    Good morning, I speak from Brazil and I love watching your videos.

  • NIYU VLOGS 1 week ago

    Will Pls support my channel

  • Ravin Kumar 1 week ago

    App iss fal ka nam

  • mes'ut TOKER 1 week ago

    Bu bölümde PAT PAT yok BİSİKLET yok.ÜZÜLDÜM.

  • Jim NORRIS 1 week ago

    Like the way she mows the lawn.
    No gas
    An what's dragon fruit taste like, Kiwifruit

  • Sameema Musthafa 1 week ago

    Plz subscribe her

  • Malathi Malathi 1 week ago


  • Kristal Mcdonald 1 week ago

    Be careful with the knife dear,dont like the way how you hold it..

  • Titus Kino 1 week ago

    Li ziqi is much more better
    No I mean best❤

  • Si9it 76 1 week ago

    Mantap kak yang petik nya

  • Birendar Kumar 1 week ago


  • Jeam Severino 1 week ago

    No Brasil tem essa fruta o nome é pitaia.

  • jhon gomez 1 week ago

    Este canal deveria tener varios millones de suscriptores…son geniales los videos….

  • Arnon Thiangkham 1 week ago

    Where are you???

  • Tracy Tran 1 week ago

    Can we get the recipe somewhere??????

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