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  • Leon Pius 1 month ago

    Which country is this

  • Amir Nawaz Bhatti 1 month ago

    Kia bakwas hn ldont like your video

  • 힐링채널 1 month ago

    안녕하세요 ~여기는 한국입니다. 와~연꽃밭 정말 아름답군요 .저도 연꽃 관련 음식 관심 있는데 이 채널에서 보니 너무 반갑습니다
    Hello ~ This is Korea. Wow~ The lotus field is really beautiful. I'm also interested in food related to lotus, but I'm so glad to see you on this channel

  • holycow92883 1 month ago

    I wonder what the fragrance is

  • Reshma Tamang 1 month ago


  • Nazeera Syihad 1 month ago

    Bunga nya wangi yah rasa buah nya seperti apa

  • Zack Hess 1 month ago

    Me: eating pizza well watching

    30 seconds later… HOW DID SHE DO THAT

  • Rimbi Rongchehonpi 1 month ago

    same lotus near my home I dnt know how to use.

  • Mairi Hirahara 1 month ago

    your video's quality is so good! you deserve more subscribers UwU
    it looks like summer there, do you live in the southern hemisphere?

  • Sapam Prameshwori Devi 1 month ago

    no wonder y c is so beautiful

  • Spark 1 month ago

    Its look like a peanut

  • Leandro Akira 1 month ago

    Tripophobia 😀

  • Fifty’s Fat and Fabulous 1 month ago

    These flowers are my favorite. I wonder how they smell and taste? I never knew they grew in water.

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