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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Expert life hacker, Sunny, is back and this time she’s on the CASE of the hacks…in CASE you were wondering. Watch to find out how to turn your parents old useless CD and DVD cases into something that’s actually cool! Expert life hacker Sunny gives kids the inside scoop to all the coolest tips and tricks for navigating through life. Learn how to create your own harmonica with popsicle sticks, turn a t-shirt into a tote bag and make a lantern out of a sports drink. Plus, sneaky school secrets, paw-fect toys for your favorite pet and so much more. Tune in for the coolest D.I.Y tips, and you’ll never be bored again! → Credits ← Expert Life-Hacker: Sunny Keller Directed, Produced, and Written by: Jeannie Roshar & Gary Anthony Williams Executive Producer: Judy Meyers Directors of Photography: Dylan Hendrickson and Tav Murphy Production Designer: Lois Keller Edited by: Dustin Hahn Sound Mixers: Spencer Showalter and Eric Jaffe Second Camera: Devon Albert-Stone Gaffers: Tav Murphy and Margie Cooper Graphic Design: Dustin Hahn Production Coordinator and DIT: Eric Jaffe → Watch Something New! ← → SUBSCRIBE TO DreamWorksTV! ← Video Rating: / 5


  • Veronika Boyajyan 1 year ago

    Could you do a second part of this? Please

  • Kool Kat 1 year ago

    I love your corny puns!!

  • PokeNoble 1 year ago

    Make more food hacks!

  • Puppylove9912 1 year ago

    You seem a little bit different

  • Puppylove9912 1 year ago

    You are the pun master

  • lilian danquah 1 year ago

    why is the tape

  • Shamariona Mccloud 1 year ago

    I love it

  • Olyvia Gobern 1 year ago

    she said its terrific in french

  • Manuela's crafts 1 year ago


  • Rosebriar42 1 year ago


  • SamThe RandomG1rl 1 year ago

    The laptop case is great, I am getting a laptop for Chanukah! At least, I hope I am. But I am mostly sure. The pocket is a great place to keep the laptop's charger. Do you recommend an adults hoodie or a kids hoodie?

  • Christopher ROMERO 1 year ago

    she is so smart!!!!!!!!!!! for real

  • Videogame Roleplayer 1 year ago

    where do you get your shirts >.< I want them!!!!!! please tell me!

  • Chris Loranger 1 year ago

    can you show how to hack a recorder

  • kockafan a gamer és vlogger 1 year ago

    this is awsome Sunny!

  • Darin Conder 1 year ago

    Hi sunny you are super helpful

  • Ana Banana 1 year ago

    do algebra hacks

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