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  • JohnTheGeek13 6 years ago

    cacti face catching*?

  • Plumpy 6 years ago

    Cactuses? 😀 lol?

  • What people will do for views…. Sad?

  • Mr. Mars Experience 6 years ago

    lol cacti beard ?

  • Lil Sokz 6 years ago

    my balls cringed.?

  • Richard Head 6 years ago

    Oh I’m subscribe alright. Lord know’s I’m tired of the fake shit USA
    does…. Bring it on ;)?

  • Aaron Molly 6 years ago

    So I know the cactus is the biggest thing you guys use in your stunts. Why
    not have cactus swords and try to knock the other person off a board
    onto a floor of cactus? Food for thought! :D?

  • tompezza123 6 years ago

    U guys are retarded but in a really good way! ;-)?

  • IKnowYouFap 6 years ago

    This must be a new breed of stupid…?

  • el hombre mas rico 6 years ago

    Please, next time record when u take off that of your face, we want see
    that part.?

  • Madilyn Parsons 6 years ago

    They really like cactuses?

  • TheFPSduck 6 years ago

    What you guys should do is tie a string to a cactus and swing it at someone
    like a mace?

  • SirFancyFrog 6 years ago

    Why would you even do this D:?

  • OMGitzDaTruth 6 years ago

    You are one crazy person?

  • Eajahe Nejaha 6 years ago

    +UXRO +Lakai x Guys, Let’s agree to agree. At least we’re not taking cacti
    to the face for other folks amusement.. It’s a hell lot more entertaining
    than a lot of things out there, S’theres that to go off of! :D?

  • abby41tuff 6 years ago

    the really know how to handle the pain o.O?

  • Griffin Evans 6 years ago

    It’s cacti not cactuses?

  • DareTheDopes100 . 6 years ago

    Hey check out our channel we do stupid stunts and retarded shit also ?

  • Logan Rauhihi 6 years ago

    Put a cactus in ur bum?

  • Rufus L. King 6 years ago

    They have to try horse crippler, its like a cactus but the reason they call
    it that is because if a horse steps in it, the horse freaks out and from
    what ive heard wont walk for a little while.?

  • Divine Turtle 6 years ago


  • Jey Pi 6 years ago

    I felt the pain too!!!?

  • ostreds 6 years ago

    grade A dumbassess?

  • Nathan P 6 years ago

    Dame it hurts like shit?

  • LeoTheTiger 6 years ago

    These guys are a modern day Jackass. Glad someone decided to fulfill that