This was our weekly webcast for Montessori educators on Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

Jon Wolff joined us to talk about getting the school year off to the right start.

Early and sustainable normalization of a Montessori classroom community Is more a process of modeling than micromanaging, invokes more imagination than remonstration, is as much about self-awareness as self-control, and elicits more celebration than censure.

As in cultivating a garden, establishing classroom social norms – Grace and Courtesy – does not conclude at the end of September. It is a continuous process of shaping and pruning students’ social intelligence that must be presented and practiced over the course of the entire school year.

In this Montessori Foundation weekly webcast we will review the instructional strategies and skills required to create a prepared environment of peace and collaborative learning.

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Creating a Foundation of Normalization

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