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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote In this episode we are creating a small oasis in the desert. The weather is still scorching hot but we thought it was a good idea to plant multiple Palm Trees. 😂 New videos weekly so be sure to subscribe and hit the 🛎 so you don’t miss an episode. #WashingtoniaPalmTree #PlantingMexicanFanPalms #arizonahomestead Arizona Homestead  PO Box 10007 Casa Grande,  AZ 85130-0017 Email: Instagram @azdeseserthomestead PayPal – Amazon Wish List –


  • CreationsbyChelda 3 weeks ago

    My husband and I are prepping for relocating to AZ to have a homestead. If it's not asking to much, how much did one (or they) cost and how much was the planting?

  • Enjoying The Journey; Cancer As A Lifestyle 3 weeks ago

    So much work but you're getting it done.

  • homesteadwitchery 3 weeks ago

    Are you planting date palms?

  • KATHLEEN SMITH 3 weeks ago

    Having Fun while u work …makes it worth the dust, the heat, and the tiredness!

  • CINDY'S PLACE 3 weeks ago

    I didnt know palm trees could grow in the desert. Interesting video. Thank you!

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