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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote What is xeriscaping? Xeriscaping refers to a special way to landscape and garden. Xeriscaping requires less water than your traditional grass filled yard. You can eliminate or lessen the need for supplemental watering by using other items beside turf grass. Xeriscape ideas are very popular in hot and dry climates, but can also be used in moist and wet climates. The benefits of xeriscape gardening and landscape are very appealing. I remember as a child we were given scheduled watering days in our city. We were only allowed to water at nights on the days we were assigned. This helped cut down on the use and over use of water in our area. Xeriscaping your yard can be very beautiful. You can create or design your own yard, using textures and colors that you love. Turf grass in not always appealing, especially if you live in a very hot climate, by yourself or if you do enjoy being outside. A lot of xeriscape yards do not require watering every day, some only need the natural rain and moisture that the elements provide. What can you use when creating your yard? Some items found in other peoples yards are; rocks, gravel, cement, blocks, pavers, plants, trees, dirt and drought resistant flowers and yard ornaments. When planting trees, what are your best options? Trees that are natural to the southern United States do the best with less water. Some of the best flowers to use are sunflowers, marigolds, petunias and cactus flowers. Plants and greenery that can thrive in dry weather are butterfly weeds, lupine, Agapanthus africanus or Lily of the Nile. There are so many different flowers and plants that need little watering. My back yard is in a full sun area. I have […]

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