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  • desmond chua 2 years ago

    Hi Maria
    On cross pollination , say if I want a certain colour of adenium, ORANGE, can I then use your method on Red and Yellow adenium to get Orange ? Is it that simple ? I have seen photos of our local gardeners group where they grow adenium under LED light and it gives off a different colour. Please share more from your experience, thanks a lot !

  • Domarcop Salueñep 2 years ago

    María gracias

  • Domarcop Salueñep 2 years ago

    Mario buen video felicidades .por tu canal pregunta cuál de los métodos te resulta mejor o cual prefieres usar gracias

  • aashish patawari 2 years ago

    Marie easiest method for pollination thanks, i want to know can we pollinate the grafted multiple petals plant ?

  • Sue Johnson 2 years ago

    Can u show video how to do pollination with double petals..thanks

  • Sue Johnson 1 year ago

    Like this video too

  • sami mehmood 1 year ago

    Hi maria… I like your videos … plz tell me that can we do pollination on one flower like self pollination with your brush method… because I tried second one method but I failed.. plz reply

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