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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This is 5th Reboot for TW version for Zombie Shelter. They changed some ability effects and add enhance functions for each ability set. Now player can craft their tool ( claw hammer, crowbar or kukri ) by using resources needed. New bosses was also added: Revenant, Phobos, Siege Phobos. I used my friend to play and we had a fun time playing this map. My friend want to complete the survivor base so we took a long time gathering resources and upgrade everything for wall, gate and also cannon, minigun-turret :D. Oberon and Phobos are easy to defeat if your base already have more cannon turret and minigun-turret, you can see how we kill them in video. I skipped some unnecessary scene for video size. Thank caothugame,SilenceVN and Lazlik for joining this game 🙂 Hope you guys enjoy my video :P. Thank for watching, please support me by hitting subscribe button.

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