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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Welcome back to the Slime Rancher ! In today’s video, we look at some of the new slimes from the Slime Desert Update! ► Watch the entire Slime Rancher series – ►Support Blitz on Patreon: – – – – – Glass Desert Info: – – – – – Slime Rancher Slime Science Update Information! New Slime Rancher buildings: ►The Lab The Lab is a new ranch expansion, much like the Grotto and Overgrowth. It features some new, empty ranch patches for you to customize, but the main attraction lies in the old barn that Hobson once built sitting near the back. Within this barn you’ll find a strange array of scientific equipment that will allow you to harness the power of plorts and other resources to create gadgets. Gadgets come in a variety of forms: everything from helpful utilities to decorative objects and more. But before you build anything you’ll need the necessary ingredients. About half of the ingredients come in the form of plorts and the other half from resources previously undiscovered. image ►The Refinery The Lab contains a large, silo-like device called the refinery. The refinery is a one-way storage unit for your plorts and resources you intend to use in Slime Science. No need to have the items in your vac tanks when fabricating gadgets, the refinery keeps it all neatly organized for you. ►The Builder’s Shop The builder’s shop is a special shop for budding Slime Scientists that allows them to purchase gadget blueprints. Once acquired, the specified gadgets can be fabricated so long as you have the necessary ingredients. ►The Fabricator The fabricator allows you to build any gadget so long as you have its blueprint. Once built, the gadget can be placed at any […]


  • Sebastian Andres Mejia Gonzalez 3 years ago

    The slime shrine in the warp to the glass desert looks like game of thrones X'D

  • Amanda Blom 3 years ago


  • Chloe Quinones 3 years ago

    You need a type of water

  • its time to stop fluffy 3 years ago

    There is a map!!!!!

  • Lathen West 3 years ago

    Did you name your self after a rainbow six player

  • Vortex1036 3 years ago

    day 84 I passed it that day 185

  • Gema Vidal 3 years ago

    haven't you seen the face in the moon

  • Ken Le 3 years ago

    Are you going to take the slime home

  • Tanisha Jackson 3 years ago

    My brother is dumm lol he still in school and he 20 years old lol lol

  • Megan Kimble 3 years ago

    I'm going to get one now….

  • Tacocat King 3 years ago

    i started from ep 1… i keep pressing the arrow button for the next episode and 45 arrows later i get like 200 skipped episodes so WTF i just learned about this game. If you pause the video and press the left arrow or go on to that video and press the right one, theres like 200 videos just SKIPPED!

  • Daneen Murandi 3 years ago


  • Mason broad 3 years ago

    fire slime with water slime

  • Lily Bloye 3 years ago

    Blitz can you make a golden tabby slime please like so Blitz can see

  • Neil Maczka 3 years ago


  • Noah Perrier 3 years ago

    Theres a lot of them, theres like three of them XD

  • Brady O'Berry 3 years ago

    Are you a kid

  • savge snorlax 3 years ago

    Little slimes are cuter who thinks that

  • Jonah Rr 3 years ago

    That green thing that you put the plot on put more Yello plots on it and
    Something cool will come

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