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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote This is a video slideshow of a D L LANDSCAPING SERVICES Project that took place in Fairfax, CA during the spring of 2015. The owner of the company is Juan (Johnny) de Leon and his mobile phone number is 415-225-0243. Dennis Scialli is the homeowner and he took the photos to document the project. Dennis can highly recommend Johnny and D L LANDSCAPING SERVICES to anyone in Marin County looking for a landscaper. Also, as you will see in the video slideshow, Johnny has the best crew available to work on your project! This landscaping project was designed by Johnny and involved the removal of our lawn and replacing it with drought resistant native plants and a tree. Then he added some boulders and rocks for a natural look and covered the new soil with lots of mulch to keep the weeds down and retain moisture near the roots of the plants. Also, the old water waisting irrigation system for the lawn was replaced with a new drip irrigation system. By putting in drought resistant plants, this new drip irrigation system will save thousands of gallons of water during the spring, summer, and fall and go a long way towards conserving our precious water during one of California’s worst droughts on record. Muchas Gracias Mr. Johnny and the crew of D L LANDSCAPING SERVICES for a job well done! Here is a link to Johnny’s website: BTW…The song accompanying the video slideshow is by Buena Vista Social Club and is called “El Cuarto de Tula.” Video Rating: / 5


  • jose gallo 2 years ago

    Not inpressed. check us out for drought tolerant designs in los angeles. Art house Landscape

  • Ana Garcia 2 years ago

    No tiene plastico y despues sale mucha yerba i para linpiar es bien difisil pero si hisieron buen trabajo

  • Willy Rosado 2 years ago


  • Willy Rosado 2 years ago

    whats the white stuff on the soil?

  • Elaine Alvarez 2 years ago

    Loving the Buena Vista Social Club Music! 🙂

  • john barrington 2 years ago

    Looks beautiful! Saves a lot of water I bet too.

  • Edgar Perez 2 years ago

    Looks really good. How much does something like this cost? And did you see any sketches or design before installation? Or how did you know it would come out this good?

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