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  • jej1886 10 months ago

    Just found your vlog. I’m guessing your trek is done. But I’m following you 5 months behind. I love your joyfulness.

  • Theodore Rzepski 10 months ago

    So far, which desert is your favorite?

  • South-West-Wilderness 10 months ago

    I'm always blown away by the generosity of the trail angels over there. It's always good to see that there are people out there who really care.

  • PerseP 10 months ago

    Are those water caches free?

  • Craig Lambert 10 months ago

    Have fun, keep the videos rolling..thanks

  • MAGICHORSEMAN 10 months ago

    Great video Sara

  • doowop54 10 months ago

    Looks like you had a nice peaceful day – maybe there will be beer the next time you have trail magic!

  • Discover Life Media 10 months ago

    I'm digging it!

  • Willard Wooten 10 months ago

    More fences no gate , more signs laying on the ground , more getting lost. Same thing NC was doing but in the dark , bitching at down signs pointing the wrong way and telling off a border patrol .

  • Victoria Heckler 10 months ago

    On the barb wire sections without gates, try lifting a fence post that’s not dug into the ground and laying it flat. Then just walk over it and set the post upright again.

  • Michael Burgess 10 months ago

    Maybe the cows could see the hiker hunger in your eyes?

  • Karen Rom 10 months ago

    Another great video Sara. Sorry there were no beers left in the trail magic.

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