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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote If you find yourself driving through California’s Mohave Desert and see these big bright towers you’re looking at the BrightSource solar concentration power plant that doubles as and avian death ray. On about 3,500 acres of land there are giant mirrors that are 163 square feet each and there are 347,000 of them reflecting onto three different 450 foot towers that you can see from the roadside. These towers are actually solar powered steam generators that produce about 1,000 gigawatts per year and can provide electricty to about 140,000 homes each year. Pretty much any bird that flies in the path of the concentrated light get’s cooked mid flight. In fact the plant’s workers say they actually ignite before they hit the ground and report that approximately 1,000 birds die each year. Sources: California’s new solar power plant is actually a death ray that’s incinerating birds mid-flight


  • Chris Russell 4 years ago

    Thousand birds killed by windmills thousand by the death ray. How many are killed by airplanes and cars I wonder. It's justified if it's a consumer of petroleum that does the killing I bet..

  • Stephen Blair 4 years ago

    One skyscraper kills that many each year with all the window strikes. Birds fly into stuff. It's an unfortunate reality. :(

  • Nathan W 4 years ago

    What's all that mist coming out of the top?

  • icke11234 4 years ago

    A prime example for the fact that greed plus centralization equals insanity, and it won't stop at friendly technologies such as wind and solar. If everyone had their own small wind turbine and solar roof-top installations, the world would instantly be a better place. Let us get rid of the deathly satanic vulture that is centralization!

  • Chelenie Howard 4 years ago

    Hey they can aim and start forest fires (hint) California fires a matter a fact in July around the world

  • JgrockDude !! 4 years ago


  • magprob 4 years ago

    These so called Solar Power Plants really don't work to well. In less than 20 years, they will all be abandoned, and all that money the government took from us to give to them will just be a faded memory. But! On to the next big MONEY SUCKING SCAM! I wonder what that will be? We should go ask Harry Reid. I'm sure he is taking down payments now. Oh wait, he has no juice left, since he failed to deliver the Bundy Ranch to the international criminal cartel. Heck, they even kicked his ass and told him not to run again. I suppose they have already picked out his replacement that will "get things done!"

  • quedecree 4 years ago

    Avian Death Ray!  Lol.  It's not very efficient at killing birds – my house probably kills maybe one a week…maybe one every two weeks – they just fly into my windows thinking they can fly through the reflection.  I really should make use of them – I eat plenty of meat after all so am partly responsible for lots of critters getting killed and ending up on my table.  Biggest pest on this planet?…  Without a doubt.  Geez, it's late and I'm starting to babble….

  • Vetericus N 4 years ago

    too bad for the birds. I wonder if there's any way to keep them from flying near. probably not. A giant net would ruin the solar intensity. some kind of sound deterent?…

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