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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote The late, great Master Gardener Dr Falkenstein created a front and back yard food forest paradise in his Phoenix area home. Some of the trees on this property are up to 25 years old and are perfect examples of growing what “can’t grow here.” From mangos and avocados to cacao and vanilla, all sorts of tropical and subtropical fruiting plants can be found here. Special thanks to Brandon and Alyssa from Greenie’s Garden ( for assistance in making this video, and to the Falkenstein family for allowing us the opportunity to visit and document this property.


  • martina r. 1 week ago

    If you cut some branches of the trees,so that more light enters and not to take away the power of the tree, the trees will give more fruit.

  • Ken Christner 1 week ago

    where can I find the other video of this yard with you and Jace mace

  • Paul Grayson 1 week ago

    How do they pick the Avcados on the arvipas.

  • Mark Gailmor 1 week ago

    Very nice.

  • BetterYouBetterWorld 1 week ago

    you guys would be surprised how lucky you are to not get soaked with rain in winter, everything just rots, light frosts are nuthin but winter rain rots out everything

  • RapistAndFalse ProphetMuhammed 1 week ago

    Good job done ! Need to grow more trees . We need food to survive and not technology garb that kills

  • archmagemiguel 1 week ago

    This was a great video, a myriad of information about many many fruits.

  • Veganic ♾ 1 week ago

    I love fruit forest tours. So inspiring. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Northern Thai Garden Guy 1 week ago

    Right on, guys! Well done!

  • Simon Bennett 1 week ago

    Amazing yard

  • C Thomas 1 week ago

    I never met Dr. Al, but what a fantastic legacy he's left! Thank you so much for showing us around his garden!

  • dust man 1 week ago

    Thanks to you all. Shamus, you are a treasure trove of wisdom. Brandon, love your cool attitude and you seem to be learning a lot! Alyssa, you are doing an awesome job behind the scenes! Cheers!

  • CaliforniaGardeningMom 1 week ago

    Awesome tour! What do they do with all the fruit?

  • Gary D 1 week ago

    Great video.. but what's with all the California Republic near t-shirts??

  • Red Sky 1 week ago

    Nice to know the wax jambu and rose apples can grow here. The avocados are amazing!

  • CITY ORGANIC GARDEN 1 week ago

    Try to plant durian tree

  • wildchook (Mary) 1 week ago

    This video is encouraging to continue to grow rare fruits in my backyard. Great vid shared… thanks!

  • BetterYouBetterWorld 1 week ago

    you got to 50 degrees celcius whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, i honestly dont think i could survive, do people have to work in that heat? few more degrees and youl bake surely lol

  • iiTzHaroonP4A 1 week ago

    Too much sun is a problem i wish for

  • A Pang 1 week ago

    Thanks for sharing such valuable information as always. Loved your spray formula, 7 -8 times bigger is true.

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