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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote At Mountainside, there was a natural flow of possibilities emanating from the desert itself. The powerful curves of the granite boulders dominated, yet they were held so gently by golden sands and delicate flora. Looking back, all of this spoke about balance and harmony, and this describes my clients as well. The stream of their intentions gathered in wonderful conversations, some meandered around and between grand aspirations eventually pooling in humble clarity. I drank it in with equal passion and began to draw. I drew sketches and plans and details of course, but mostly I drew the hillside with a beautiful life there. It is their life and a remarkable one, too. For that, I am compelled to thank them for the opportunity every time I see them. Website – Film by Chibi Moku – Color Grading by Thomas Stigler Video Rating: / 5


  • rpminc 12 1 month ago

    Love the brick work inside the home !!

  • Vorname Nachname 1 month ago

    That's my dream house, nearly perfect for me. Love the style and I love deserts so much

  • Pat Bethell 1 month ago


  • Ben Ferguson 1 month ago

    I see a lot of Frank Lloyd Wright inspiration in this design. This is an excellent example of Desert Organic Architecture.

  • Matt-Tube 1 month ago

    Love this! Beautiful! Great space fro entertaining!

  • Bobby Williams 1 month ago

    What kind of wild animals, do you have to worry about.

  • Sirichai thongyim 1 month ago

    Wow​ so​ beautiful​

  • Where do they get water from ?

  • Tony Gareth 1 month ago

    I love it! The style and interior is my type. I’d like to see solar panels, maybe deck on roof to enjoy view, I’ve always wanted tennis court and half court basketball though. Love the style and desert and hills!!! Beautiful

  • LILIVI CORDERO 1 month ago


  • Steve Bikes 1 month ago


  • Bobo S 1 month ago

    I really wish they would build in Prescott, it’s not so blazing hot there.

  • Dee Marie Dubois 1 month ago

    The video is to short. I wanted to see it all. The home just belongs in that spot, serene. Absolutely gorgeous.

  • Craig Millington 1 month ago

    Why the comments are so limited?!

  • Graham S. Mngadi 1 month ago

    Beautiful Craig

  • Mona Taylor 1 month ago

    Beautiful all around! Would love to see these desert dwellers/builders use solar panels.

  • David Robertson 1 month ago

    Really well done Craig, in overall composition and in the details! That huge boulder 2/3's of the way up behind the house is my hang-up (as seen right at the end) . I sure hope that thing is locked in! (It looks to be). I also really appreciated the rear patio and terraced landscape design. What a great scale for that space and works really well in integrating inside to outside.

  • Rodney Chishakwe 1 month ago

    Love your videos. Keep it Up!

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