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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This project was all about the views. The Paradise Valley residence is located between Camelback Mountain and Mummy Mountain. Every space is designed around these views and creating wonderful indoor/outdoor spaces around these views. The residence has a wonderful sense of scale. It responds to the owners program to be open, but maintains an intimate feeling thru ought the entire home. Each space is thoughtfully detailed by form, light, materials, color, and texture, creating a unique experience as you move thru the residence. The integration of Architecture, Interiors, Art, Furniture, and Landscape, create a wonderful balance thru the entire project. Website – Film by Chibi Moku – Color Grading by Thomas Stigler Video Rating: / 5 The Arizona desert is a mysterious and wonderful place. Join me as I travel solo into the wilderness. Not everything works out according to plan and I have some unexpected situations to deal with. However, being challenged is part of every survival training scenario and I wanted to experience the desert in all of its raw power and beauty. I was not disappointed. For more information on classes, to check out the required gear list, or buy Merch go to: To support me on Patreon: Video Rating: / 5


  • pavelavietor1 1 month ago

    hello nice saludos

  • Eddie Taggart 1 month ago

    Grey is the New Beige

  • Silver _Gold 1 month ago

    This house is absolutely beautiful!

  • Marc R 1 month ago

    Very nice. I like the courtyard and the entrance area. I like all but if i had to pick an area.

  • LILIVI CORDERO 1 month ago

    So beautiful

  • Wakili Njogu 1 month ago

    This is just superb

  • Terence Blinker 1 month ago

    I love this couple interaction and that create this lovely cute sweet home.

  • Syed ali raza Shamsi 1 month ago

    Absolutely great

  • C Beto 1 month ago

    Nice House. But i want this couple as my Neighbor's

  • Rasco 1 month ago

    I love this channel, and this house

  • WayPoint Survival 1 month ago

    This was a very fun and challenging trip as you can see. Originally, my trip was planned so that I could be a speaker at the RTR, The Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, outside of Quartzsite, Arizona. I decided to make a longer trip of it and spend some time camping in the desert. Because of the time of year and lack of trees where I was to be camping, I took a small backpacking size tent and used a small gas stove for cooking to conserve on needing to use the scarce resources of the desert. Thank you so much for watching and please leave a comment in the section below!

  • J & J True Outdoor Adventures 1 month ago

    Great video and beautiful country!! Thanks for sharing. Juddie – J & J TOA

  • Agsi Wesa 1 month ago

    Arizona is a wonderful place to explore. I went to Oatman North of Bullhead City. They told me there that the donkeys were let free by gold miners after the gold boom went belly up. Great experience I really enjoyed it

  • Paul Howes 1 month ago

    i always carried survival blankets, and a First Aid Kit,that could be opened with one hand.
    That item needed to be practiced with long before it was ever needed… and it was.
    Beautiful video James. Stay Safe,Stay Well. BB. in the UK

  • grayghost1031 1 month ago

    James, this is one of your top videos and here is why. You were honest and showed the real struggles one has in the outdoors. Much respect for your honestly, and knowledge. Please keep the videos coming my friend.

  • Huples Cat EPL 1 month ago

    Great trip but people don't go solo unless like James you are okay with it and experienced. The wilds can turn nasty fast

  • Paul Dominy 1 month ago

    That car was the favor of God.

  • Hoonozit 1 month ago

    I suspect I would be miserable…but maybe not. Thanks for the video.

  • Jim Gibbons 1 month ago

    You must be a 100 yards from the car from the looks of all that heavy food.

  • Chiefkirk Outdoors 1 month ago

    Good one brother. I drove a truck for many years and I've been through Phoenix many times. My favorite part of the trip from NC to CA was the desert. I absolutely loved being in the desert. I miss it since I'm retired. Thanks for sharing pal. Oh yeah, the last time I was in Phoenix it was 112 degrees and my A/C was out. Stopped there to get it fixed.

  • TAC-HILL 1 month ago

    Welcome to my wasteland hahah lucky you came in the cold months.. dont worry about scorpions this time of year.. ive been watching a few of your vids.. you're good n i like what you do. AZ isnt too bad just a bit of a learning curve.. ive camped by where you are at a few times… the wind here can be vicious. Biggest thing here is water. Keep hydrated even you're not thirsty.. drink lots. Great video bro.

  • rottenkid389 1 month ago

    What a beautiful place. Thanks for taking us along. Have a fantastic week .

  • Black Hat Bushcraft 1 month ago

    That was a great adventure my friend! I am in real need of a solo "mission" such as this 🙂 It is interesting how treacherous the landscape look while still being so beautiful. I will confess, I am not experienced in desert survival so that is an area I need to train in for he future. Thanks for bringing us along brother! God bless!

  • Freecamp Caywood Alaska 1 month ago

    Great video brother. I love the desert, I’m a little jealous lol. Thanks for taking me along. All the best. Rod

  • phillip merritt 1 month ago

    Good video about your Arizona desert adventureyou showed good reasoning in the one he got super cold that you would go back to the showed that we should be willing to use an alternative and sometimes things don't work is planned. Keep up the great videos and I will keep watching. Gingdah.

  • PREPFORIT 1 month ago

    It looks like a great adventure. I think the rough terrain looks Beautiful. and Not a lot of
    gabbing tourists. : )
    I watched the whole video, Good stuff.


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