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  • Manuel Gonzalez 4 months ago

    Just graft ur nectarine with other varieties

  • ANNE REYES 4 months ago

    I love your garden I’m also from Az casa grande your garden is so beautiful what about watering your plants specially now with temp of 108,110 ? Thank you

  • Jake Smith 4 months ago

    Its amazing how you live in the desert and have amazing plants and vegetables!

  • Adelss 1234 4 months ago

    love the mulberries they are so delicious!!:)

  • evanixar6 4 months ago

    You can graft that nectarine and use his roots To boost a new tree

  • Maricela Hinojosa 4 months ago

    I did not know you need chill hours for a nectarine tree. What about that apricot, does it need chill hours too?

  • Brandon Vardy 4 months ago

    I follow your garden on instagram. I'm excited to see this on video!

  • FenderMan91 4 months ago

    Please don't remove that giant nectarine tree. Just graft a low-chill variety onto it, such as the Florida Prince peach or Snow Queen nectarine.

  • steve lopez 4 months ago

    Looks fantastic! I follow your Instagram and wish you much success with your YouTube channel. A fellow gardener from Tucson.

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