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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote I am currently running a gofundme campaign to raise tuition funds for the Ecological Landscaper Immersion at the Permaculture Skills Center: Despite a minor injury sustained while riding an incredible set of jumps in a Phoenix area backyard, I was still able to put the final touches on my backyard permaculture design. The trees and perennial flowers were all planted, and a huge load of fresh wood chips were dumped in the driveway to serve as mulch to help retain moisture and build soil. It was a big job to get all the mulch moved, but it was just enough to cover the whole back yard with a 4 to 8 inch layer. After the mulch was down, I installed the rain gutters to help direct water into the basins, and checked in on the veggie garden with my little cousins. The music used in the video is my own, which you can find at I am currently looking for volunteers to help with the Permaculture Bike Park project, and stay or live in the Ant Village. This thread has all the info:… Follow me on Instagram @oneheartfire If you enjoy my videos and would like to support the project, please visit To make a one time donation via paypal or credit card, please visit To donate Bitcoin, click here: To learn more about my other permaculture projects and experiences, please visit Video Rating: / 5


  • Justin Harada 3 years ago

    I think you live on the street I grew up on! My parents still live there just north of the elementary school. Maybe I'm wrong but it looks exactly like the neighborhood

  • duncanmarlow 3 years ago

    Amazing, Jesse. I've so enjoyed this series. You should be able to write your own ticket in this life.

  • The Silent G 3 years ago

    nice! hey man, don't forget to soak the yard with fish emulsion and worm casting/compost tea brew! it'll shave years off of the decomposition and soil production process. Plus the plants love it!

  • FreeganDave Hartman 3 years ago

    This will be a great workin' example. Done well!

  • dianne knieriem 3 years ago

    I'm interested in your show, but the swinging camera makes me sea sick.

  • Perma Pen 3 years ago

    Fabulous! I really hope you'll do updates on this.

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