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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Braving out the heat me and Savannah head to Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AZ for some evening fun! The Desert Botanical Garden offers the world’s finest collection of arid-land plants from deserts around the world in a unique outdoor setting. The Garden has more than 50,000 accessioned plants throughout its five thematic trails, which illustrate topics such as conservation, desert living, plants and people of the Sonoran Desert and desert wildflowers. The Garden offers a variety of lectures and workshops on desert landscaping and horticulture, botanical art and illustration, nature art and photography, and health and wellness. Visit the Garden and enjoy specialized tours, special events, seasonal exhibits, concerts, family activities, dining options and the Garden’s gift and plant shop. Bio/Purpose for This Channel Born in Pittsburgh, PA , I was surrounded by individuals who chose to simply go through the motions and stick to “the norm”. From a young age I realized that I wanted to challenge the status quo not by dreaming, but by DOING. So a month after graduating I moved 2,057 miles away from home (if using google maps) to Scottsdale, AZ. At the beginning of this year (4 years later) I realized my life’s passion was to explore the world through hiking adventures and life changing experiences. This is that journey. Check Me Out on Social Facebook – Instagram- LinkedIn – Website – Point & Shoot Setup Cannon G7x Mark II – Tripod – SD Card – Batteries (cheap) – Go Pro Setup GoPro Hero 5 – Go Pro Karma Grip (Gimble) – Go Pro Batteries (cheap) – Micro SD Card with Adapter – Cell Phone Setup Tripod – Life […]

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    Did you know, a saguaro can hold over a 1,000 gallons of water?

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