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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote I head east from San Diego and camp in the desert for the first time. Not gonna lie, I miss the beach already. (This was during the week of Thanksgiving.) Video Rating: / 5


Desert Gardens




  • After Many a Summer 1 week ago

    Fun to see your lil buddy, I had a black cat with gold eyes like yours, she died a couple years ago., So glad to see a nice clean cat and not a slobbering dog, to many dogs in these camping/ RV dwelling vids, LOL, When I start my RV-ing adventure, I may get a black cat again. Cheers.

  • Rhonda Armstrong 1 week ago

    wow wws just wondering about you . . nice post. . is it just me or has some if the wind gone out of your sails?
    best wishes a fan called Rhonda

  • Richy Roo's Relics 1 week ago

    Your back home now? Is that it for van dwelling for awhile?

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