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  • lifgrenj 1 week ago

    This was a great video. I really enjoyed watching you hunting dove. You always leave me feeling positive. I love you vids. About the low spot in your soon to be pasture. Some manure is from animals that are fed hay that is sprayed with broad leaf weed herbicide. It probably won't hurt any grass growing there, but it will go through the digestive system of any livestock that eats it and then through you when you consume the meat. Compost made from grass cut from your pasture or manure from it can then be spread to other areas and ruin the soil growing your fruit and vegetables and this stuff stays in the soil for years. I hope you are able to verify any manure you use is untainted. I really want to see all your hard work and investment of time and money pay off, and for you to prosper. Deep South Homestead on YouTube purchased hay to carry his few cattle through the winter. He made compost from their manure and had all kinds of problems from it. He built a new greenhouse and needed to raise one corner, so used this new compost in one bed. Obviously something was wrong with it. He finally found out that the hay he purchased had been sprayed with herbicide and sold without telling him because "everyone in their area knows hay is sprayed with herbicide." He was irate and justifiably so. I'm sorry this is so long and mostly negative. But I just couldn't make myself let it go and not tell you. If this a downer for you, please tell me not to share things like this with you. I will still watch and stay subscribed.

  • Neil Taneja 1 week ago

    That was cool. What is the legal status of shooting out where you are? Do some of your neighbors have backstops that they use as a mini shooting range?

  • Bin Talib 1 week ago

    Awesome video.. love to see such an amazing outdoor activities here in the valley… keep put in them video up youll be talking about 100k subs then 1 Million subs soon. it will happen…Lol

  • Pamela Mercado 1 week ago

    A livestream would be really nice I come from a family of hunters if it's legal to be hunt we do it we found a dog at the river bottom that was starving and was dehydrated took it to a vet it's teeth had been filed for hunting and when the children would play with their guns and cock them the dog would run to the door we took it dove hunting we had a problem though it went for everyone's doves. Great video

  • Excellent, excellent, excellent. Superb hunting & change of regular topic.

  • JesusFreakJen 1 week ago

    OMGosh! When I was 19, my boyfriend took me dove hunting out near Brawley/El Centro.
    All I remember is it was super hot and I so wanted to jump into the AG water ditch but I didnt.
    I had a 20ga side by side, but I wanted an over under. Thank you for this video.

    I liked shooting trap better than shooting birds.

  • gerald lim 1 week ago

    Hunting fits right in with growing food – self sufficiency and healthy food. Enjoyed this video!

  • Dave 1 week ago

    Hi Duane, looking forward to your fertilizing episode. We are growing citrus also here in deep south texas and I tell my wife we need to come up with ways to lower fertilizer cost (she buys those small citrus fertilizer bags) and at the same time make it more natural. Eventually, the goal is to eventually do most of the 'fertilizing' via natural means (compost, manure, etc). Since you have alot of trees, I am interested in how your methods.

  • Allan Turpin 1 week ago

    Multiple shots being fired before your instructional speech was finished was one of the funnier things I've seen.
    You seemed unfazed, like you were expecting it.

  • Frederick Fyfe 1 week ago

    That was a good show – I really enjoyed it.

  • The Fat Theist 1 week ago

    I have never really been hunting. This looked like so much fun though.

  • Abid Ali 1 week ago

    Excellent video

  • Tony Owen 1 week ago

    Hey Duane…. Looking forward to your tree fertilizing vlog.
    Even though I've done a very light fertilizing of "the" Mulberry tree, I think your vlog will answer some questions that might still be lingering in my mind. Will be fertilizing the Mulberry again, with the same reduced (liquified) solution as before, probably in another week or so. Neighbor is now on board, doing the watering as I've suggested.

  • Shirley Alvitre 1 week ago

    Love to see this.

  • Jenelle O'Leary 1 week ago

    Awesome video man. Hunting seems like a great skill to have. I'd like to learn to do it myself.

  • Desert Blacksmith 1 week ago

    Awesome family time!……2 weeks ago I went to Meaquite Az to the Trap Range (mom and pop business)…..several stations……I met family there from Colo and we had a great time! Shoulder still sore!……..NICE Over/Under……is that a Mossberg?

  • Garden of The Geeks 1 week ago

    Never thought of Dove Hunting. DO you bury your Chicken parts after processing?

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