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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote A unique project born out of innovative Sheffield science is giving families displaced by war the opportunity to grow fresh food in the desert using the most unlikely of materials – discarded mattresses, not soil. But time is running out. Without your help, the Desert Garden project will end. Will you help secure its future? Donate, here 👉 To date, over 650 of Zaatari’s refugees have been trained in hydroponics. And they’re sharing their new-found knowledge within their community. Within the next three years, this ‘train the trainer’ model will mean the camp’s desert garden will become fully self-sustaining. Importantly, advancing research into this exciting field has many possibilities beyond Zaatari too. Predictions estimate that there will soon be millions more refugees, not only as a result of conflict, but also climate change. With your support, the work taking place in Zaatari’s desert garden may unlock a sustainable solution to this most pressing of challenges. The Desert Garden project is soon coming to an end. We need to raise £250,000 to secure its future. Make a donation, now 👉 Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Website: Video Rating: / 5

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