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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Checking back in on the garden after a week away from home. No more traveling until Thanksgiving so I’ll be spoiling everything from here on out! Things are shockingly well. I treated for insects with a spray prior to leaving and it seemed to only help some plants but not all so I’ll have to do something else. Facebook: Pinterest: Instagram: LizHuskeyAgent Video Rating: / 5


  • ray bon 4 years ago

    I think 4 days is really the outer limits of what a homestead, can handle, with out some one around. Can an irrigation system extend a trip to 10 days plus, no one knows….Lloll…

  • tgo92507 4 years ago

    The peppers look like a jalepeno variety, you should be able to tell when they start to turn red by the final harvest size. Glad the B2E is working for you, I won't say I told you so ; ) I have had to pick off worms/caterpillars off of my purple tree collards just about daily in this heat but I am winning the war my PTC plants are 4 foot tall and bushy :)

  • jerry prewett 4 years ago

    lol if it was easy everyone would do it? first please dont use 7 dust . a good way to get the target bugs is soapy water,u can seep chewing tobacco for extra strong pesticide. containers dry much faster than native soil.

  • Katherine Taylor 4 years ago

    garden is looking good despite the insect damage. Hope your week away was rejuvenating.

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